Ultra cheap bedding in Reykjavík?
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We will be car camping in Iceland in a few weeks, we have rented a car already but need to source the cheapest possible (ideally secondhand) duvets, blankets and pillows as we're liable to need lots, and will have to leave them behind. Where can we pick bedding up for the lowest possible price in (midweek) Reykjavík? Alternatively is there anywhere we could get bargain sleeping bags?
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I don't know about the bedding, exactly, but I recently camped at the main campsite in Rejkjavik and they had a "leave stuff you don't need for others to take" section outside the main office and there was quite a bit of bedding and mats available there. Charity/thrift shod might also be usef sources.
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I will tell you I took pillows on WOW air and they didn't count it as anything. I also stuffed a small blanket in the pillow case.

It really is nice to have a pillow on the plane (and might be nice to have your own pillow).
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You do realize that in a few weeks it will be well below freezing at night (and not much nicer during the day.) Plan accordingly. Dress warmly, expect rain, and you won't be disappointed.
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Response by poster: Average nighttime temperature for Iceland in October is listed online in various places as between 5 and 2 degrees. I've slept in tents in that temperature with no problem many times, and cars are better insulated, especially with the body heat of two people. So yes, I have considered the temperature, if that's your question?
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Some of the replies in How cold is too cold? might be helpful.
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