Leather ceiling padding.
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I have a low headroom ceiling over a staircase which I want to pad with something. I'm thinking foam interior with an outward facing leather for looks. How do I make it look nice?

The ceiling is steel on one face and currently insulation foamboard on the other, but it will be wood tongue and groove eventually.
I'm not sure how to attach the leather to the metal (I can just tack it to the wood I guess) and then how to do something with the edges to make it neat. Is there a standard method? Is there commercially available edging strips or something?
Should I do my padding differently?
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It is a right angle, or do the faces meet at some other angle? If it is a right angle, I'd build an L-shape out of thin plywood, attach foam to the outer face of the wood, then wrap the whole thing with leather, stapling the leather to the inner face of the wood (sort of like this headboard tutorial, if you know what I mean). I would then mount it to the wall using a couple of keyhole mounts.
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