Amazon not loading...
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I looked at the previous questions about not loading and have tried everything I can think of to try and get it to work. I have flushed my dns cache, deleted my browsing history and cookies, disabled prefetching, and even restarted my router. I even made sure I was using the most up to date chrome. What gives? I am fairly competent with computers, but might need things spelled out for me. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!!
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Didja try a reboot after all that?
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Have you tried multiple browsers? What about signing out of chrome? How about using the add-on betternet?

Does it do it with any other websites, or just amazon?
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Try with Firefox or any other browser but Chrome.
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What OS are you on? You said "chrome," have you tried any other browsers?
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Response by poster: I have tried it in Firefox as well and it has not loaded. I would really prefer to use chrome as my primary browser and not have to use a different browser for just one website. I have been able to load amazon from my phone while connected to my home wifi.
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Have you checked your hosts file? Last time I had a problem where a website was blocked across all browsers, it was because I got malware that blocked the website in my hosts file. (I was trying to stream something illegally and the malware blocked me from using legit video streaming sites, I guess to force me to go back to the illegal site some more.) If is listed in your hosts file, just remove it and save. Here are instructions or you can google others.

I have had problems with Chrome not loading certain websites. I actually find Chrome frustrating to use, but if it's not working in Firefox or Internet Explorer, my guess would be hosts file.
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What is the error message? Is it timing out, or something else?
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Response by poster: I have not checked my host files (not really sure what those are...), will try to follow the instructions tomorrow when I get off work. There are no error messages when I try to load the site, it just never loads and is always thinking.

If it helps I am working from an HP Pavillion running Windows 8.

Thank you all for your help and patience!
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I know it's probably the first thing you did, but... Did you restart your computer?
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Came to recommend the hosts file check. My wife was having a similar issue with any links and there was no apparent reason why. Some small bit of malware basically hijacked the hosts file in exactly the way AppleTurnover describes.
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Hey, I actually helped Emperor SnooKloze with his problem before. Haha. Well, the link I gave him in his thread was much better: How to reset your hosts file to the default. I'd do that and ignore my other one above.
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After you determine if the default hosts file gets you back your amazon, you can replace your hosts file with the MVPS hosts file. It blocks adware and "may" prevent this in the future.
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I had a problem recently with Amazon and their flash stuff (or whatever it is) running on their page. I had to update my video drivers.
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I drove myself nuts over the weekend with a misconfiguration on a new router.

Symptoms: all non-web apps and most web sites worked great. A few big sites (Amazon, Google) wouldn't load -- they just timed out. (That was frustrating in that it made it very clear just how much I've come to depend on Google tech support -- and I do this sort of thing for money.)

I thought it was some sort of subtle IPv6 or DNS problem. The actual root cause was that I screwed up a port forwarding rule. I meant to send HTTPS traffic coming to port 443 on the outside interface of my router to a specific webserver inside my network. What I actually did was blackhole HTTPS traffic going from my network to outside.

You're unlikely to have the same specific problem, but check if HTTPS is working.

The ICSI Netalyzr is potentially helpful (and actually gave me a big early clue to my problem). It requires Java (which is suboptimal) but I find it worthwhile.
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Response by poster: Good morning all!

I have reset mt host file, restarted the computer and still nothing. I cannot load amazon from either chrome or firefox. I've updated all drivers on my computer and made sure I am running the most current version of everything.

@sourcesquatch: I'm ready to try your solution, but now I get a message that says Java is unsupported. Apparently on Sept 1st Chrome decided to not allow Java, Silverlight, and a few other plug ins.
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Before that, load the site with Chrome Developer Tools open to see if that gets you any evidence. Ctrl-Shift-I (or hamburger > More Tools > Developer Tools), then click on "Network" at the top, and reload the page to see if anything is hanging or timing out or anything. Then click on "Console" and reload the page again, to see if there are any javascript weirdnesses.
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Response by poster: I'm not sure what weirdness to look for when I open the page with Chrome Developer tools (sorry, my computer skills aren't that good). Is there a specific message I should be looking for?

Also, if it is relevant, when I try to load it automatically corrects to
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The network tab is a timeline, so you want to look for bars getting progressively longer, and it will also show you all of the files being loaded into the page and from where they're being loaded (left edge).

Actually, now that I look closer, you can have the network inspector going in the top half with the console in the bottom half. Not sure if that's default or if I changed mine to be that way.

Anyway, you can hover over a filename at the left edge of the network pane and it will display the full path. The console pane/tab is mostly to see if there are any warnings or errors, denoted by yellow triangle type icons, and red stop-sign type ones.

Loading Amazon's front page looks like this for my Chrome.

I'm thinking maybe you have some "don't follow redirects" or other setting, or a plugin installed that could be getting in the way. Have you changed or installed anything lately?
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Response by poster: Wow, my screen looks so different from yours rhizome. Here is what my screen looks like when I try to load Amazon. I have not changed any of my extensions or anything like that recently. I only run Adblock Plus. Thank you for walking me through this, it is super helpful knowing what to look for.
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Well that is weird, I don't get s.html at all. You're on Windows and I'm on Linux, but I'm not sure how that could make a difference. Have you tried IE?
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Response by poster: No go on Internet Explorer.
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This reddit mention of "s.html" suggests it could be an https issue? What happens if you go directly to instead of letting Amazon redirect you to https?

(It is really strange, because my Amazon site is not https at all - Chrome on Windows 7)
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Response by poster: Still nothing, I clicked on the link you provided and it always redirects to that s.html. I did an email to Chrome support, but haven't heard anything back yet. Geez, now I can't even access amazon from my phone unless I disconnect from my home wifi. Is it possibly a problem with my wifi?
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Yeah, could be.
Do you have any kind of content filtering turned on at the router level?
Do you use OpenDNS?
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Response by poster: How do I check those things?
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You would have intentionally turned them on (or someone else in your house).
You enable OpenDNS by changing your DNS servers within your router's admin interface.

Do you have a separate router and modem? You say you restarted your router - maybe reset/reboot both?
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Response by poster: I have a super weird set up with a combined router/modem connected to a router. I ended up calling Frontier (my provider) and resetting the modem again. It appeared to clear up the issue. I can access amazon again and my internet is running quicker than before. They said it might have been a problem with my firewall, but also that having the router/modem/router set up might have made things problematic as well. They said if it happens again they will send out a tech to replace my equipment. Thank you so so much everyone for helping me navigate this mess. I really appreciate you all showing me how to diagnose potential problems on my computer. Now I can finally order my friend's baby shower gift!
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Happy shopping!
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I once had a problem with Gmail not loading and certain sites that required certain security features, no matter what browser or computer I used. It was a problem with my provider. A rare problem, but at least you figured it out.
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