Help me find the ideal black t-shirt dress
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I like to have a very straightforward wardrobe with versatile comfortable clothes that can go with a lot of different outfits. To that end I have decided that I want to acquire the perfect black t-shirt dress. But of course there are specific needs (detailed below the fold).

I'd like a black t-shirt dress in a machine-washable fabric (probably cotton blended with synthetic); v-neck, scoop neck, square neck, or boat neck; a cut that isn't too tight or too baggy but skims the curves appropriately on a late-40-something lady with an hourglass figure and a not-flat belly; just-above-the-knee length; classic styling (not super young or trendy but not frumpy either); very comfy and easy to care for; looks good dressed up with cardigans or scarves and flats, but also looks good with hoodies and Vans or Chelsea boots; under $100 or $150 tops; not super cheaply made so it'll last a while (e.g., not Target or Old Navy). It's even better if it also comes in dark heather gray or Breton stripes, so if I like it I can get more than one. It's the kind of thing I would have looked for at Gap or Eddie Bauer in the old days but they don't really make that kind of thing anymore. Other places I typically shop: Loft, Uniqlo, Nordstrom. I've looked at Boden but never ordered anything from them before, but their stuff does fit my style. Please give me a link to the actual product if possible, not just the name of the store.
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I am presently hunting around for nicer women's t-shirts and just came across this:
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Zara. I just bought blue, grey, and breton stripe t-shirt dresses from there online three months ago. These aren't the exact same, mine was v-neck, and no side seaming, but I think this dress is technically their "fall" version.
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I have a dress that I got at H&M, that I have in many colors now, that fits this bill exactly. It's from their Basics line. For $13 it's probably okay to find out. I wear these all through the fall / winter with sweaters and leggings and boots and tights and as I say - three years old. Not looking bad for that.
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Travelsmith's Ballet-Neck Indispensable Travel Dress, the petite version might get you the above-the-knee length.
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My last few favourite t-shirt dresses have come from Banana Republic. I got one in the summer from their outlet store and practically lived in it until getting pregnant/starting to show
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I am a fan of the Acacia Everyday Dress.
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This Etsy store used to do custom lengths, but they stopped doing that a while ago, so now I just buy a maxi dress and have it altered to knee length. The fabric and cut are amazing.
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Eileen Fisher had three t-shirt dresses that were machine-washable in the summer line, which is no longer on the website, but if you're near a store, they may have some still in stock. Garnet Hill still has one in stock online. As does Macy's.
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I don't know if the waistline disqualifies this from being strictly a "t-shirt dress" but it was certainly the first thing I thought of: from Sahalie.
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JJill has several.

This Wearever is on sale. So is this one but it's navy. They might not have this one in your size.

I got a perfect dress at the Gap this summer, but they don't carry it any more. However, they do carry this scuba dress and let me tell you that I love scuba, as a middle aged woman with a reasonable figure but not a perfectly flat stomach.
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Maybe Athleta's (Gap family) Topanga Tee dress currently on sale for $36? It also comes in a v-neck. Athleta has a generous return policy so I recommend buying multiple sizes to figure out what fits you.
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Title Nine's Tech Tomboy dress. I have it in black, blue and magenta. Each season they come out with new colors. Princess seaming is very flattering.
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Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Ballet-Neck Knit Dress at Garnet Hill is pretty much a cult classic in this realm. They have other tshirt and knit dresses that you might like too, such as the Eileen Fisher Viscose-Jersey Tank Dress, the Bateau 3/4 Sleeve Knit Dress, and the Ponte Sheath Dress. The ponte dress is a thicker fabric but great for fall/winter, especially with tights. The thicker fabric is smooths over bumps nicely too.
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