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Ok...So I want a GoPro but not the gopro price. No im not a extreme sports person nor am I a vlogger. I just want a small camera that I can take to festivals, float the river, out by the pool concerts, etc... and have unique views. I also like the time lapse photo options. What recommendations do you have? Im looking for something that will work with the gopro accessories and the gopro studio. I found one while i was researching what was out there now I cant seem to find it. Another option that would be cool is I know on the gopro is the ability to use an external mic.
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Buy a (maybe used) older model GoPro. The newer ones HAVE gotten quite expensive and have kinda removed the 'fun' of bringing one along because you're so worried about damaging/losing it. The added quality isn't worth it if you can't afford the thing.

You should be able to snag a GoPro 3+ (not sure about model specifics) for about half of the price (or less) for a new GoPro 4.
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I bought a Ricoh WG-M1 a while back: . Can't really speak to how well it works, because my daughter hasn't used it much since then, but it has decent reviews. I also don't know if it will support an external mic.
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You might check out the Geekpro line on Amazon. It seems to be fully compatible with gopro (not sure about the software), has great reviews, and is really inexpensive. Don't see anything about an external mic though.
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I've started seeing older gopros at thrift stores and other used venues like craigislist. Sometimes they're REALLY cheap, like as cheap as those "geekpros". A brief perusal shows earlier models for $60-80 and even hero 3's for like $120.

As far as i've seen and can tell, part of the magic of gopros is the software package and the special software/firmware-enabled modes like the "protune" setting(s). On one hand it's just a camera, but on the other hand there does seem to be some trickery there in an apple sort of way that makes it the extra 10% or so better.

Also, looking at the page for the geekpros, it specifically says in the answered question that there is not a provision for attaching a mic.
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The Xiaomi Yi is the Chinese cheap GoPro folks I know are excited about. I have one. The important components are high quality, particularly the optics. It's hacker-friendly. The downside is that there's not a lot of US support, although it's better now there's an English manual and iOS app for it. I've found the firmware is buggy when downloading video via WiFi but it works fine when plugged in as a USB device.
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i bought this one, SJCAM, from amazon.

Was about $130bucks (becareful there's people selling replicas of this low cost camera, ..i know weird), but it works good , connected to my phone, decent video and photos. well worth the money. Oh ya i took it scuba diving and so did a buddy of mine with his own and it survived fine. So it came with a waterproof case then.

Hope this helps.
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Came in here to say Xiaomi Yi, but Nelson's already got you covered. Seriously, Xiaomi Yi.
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Ive read about the Xiaomi......Seems good but ive read some negativity about the qaulity of the video. Can anyone chime in about this?
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I haven't extensively tested mine's quality. It works pretty well and looks like legit 1080p, and the still image quality is good.
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Thanks for the reply Nelson, as well as everyone's feedback. I'm going with the Xiaomi!
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Techmoan, a youtube user that reviews different kind of non-DSLR cameras, reviewed a SJ4000 camera that was, essentially, a GoPro. You might want to look in that direction.
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