Help me replace my girlfriend's favourite smiley heart t-shirt
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Whilst in LA recently my girlfriend bought this t-shirt of a smiley heart face. She loves it, but it got ruined in transit. She is unhappy. Can you help us find it again?

She bought it from a small clothes store in LA, in Silver Lake.

The design looks like it was branded onto the t-shirt, which might account for the blackness coming off. It might be screen printed though.

Any leads on this would be amazing!!
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it's really easy to get t-shirts made with a given design. all you need to do is copy the design and go to a place that prints t-shirts. so you could scan the t-shift, clean up the image in photoshop, and get a copy made.
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That design is so simple it'd probably be easier to recreate the shirt than replace it. If I had a high-resolution scan of the graphic, or even a straight-on photograph, I could whip up a TIF or EPS file in a jiffy.
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Response by poster: I agree that making this again might work. BUT the original is lovely. The way it is branded onto the t-shirt, as in, burnt on, gives it a quality that a print - and especially a reprint - will never capture.
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Is there no way for her to figure out where she bought it from--maybe a credit card statement? If she's able to contact the store, they might be able to work out sending her one via mail?
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There aren't THAT many clothing stores in Silver Lake, especially if you filter out all the vintage stores. Can't she just go through Yelp and see if she recognizes a name or a picture?
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