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I am looking for a good, large, usable, reliable set of ASL flashcards, and want recommendations from real human learners (or, ideally, fluent signers) rather than from Google. My ideal format would be video, but I'll use pictures if there's a compelling reason to. I know about video dictionaries online, but I would rather not resort to screen-scraping one myself.

(FWIW: I don't trust Google on this because a frustratingly large proportion of ASL learners' materials are made by hearing people who aren't themselves fluent, or are based on oral-centric/English-centric systems like Signed Exact English rather than on ASL as it is actually spoken.)
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Have you tried looking up flashcard sets on Quizlet?

I find there are many good flashcard sets created by teachers/professors/students. You can also create your own sets from other people's sets and create your own sets using other pictures/definitions people have used.

For example, if I was studying ASL, I might find this set useful:
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Response by poster: Again, I'm looking for something that's known to be reliable, because I hear a lot of complaining from my Deaf friends about nonfluent hearing people declaring themselves "experts" and releasing shitty materials. Otherwise, yes, I'd just search online rather than asking for advice.
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I know about video dictionaries online, but I would rather not resort to screen-scraping one myself.

I realize you might already have seen these, then, but if not: there are a few that have automated quizzing/flash-card-esque systems built in -- ASLPro was what my (hearing but fluent) instructor recommended...seven? eight? years ago. Unfortunately, it's limited in what it does: it's only set up to start with signs (you can't start with words), and it's randomized from the entire dictionary (so it's not helpful for learning a specific set of signs). The videos are also quite small, but are fairly clear.

I'd hope that someone has made a better system since, but that, for what it is, was helpful to me when I was studying.
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Response by poster: Ooh! No, the quiz system there is news to me. I think I'm enough of a beginner that "randomized from the entire dictionary" will disqualify me pretty quick. But otherwise that looks great, and I'll give it a try anyway.
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The NTID Video Dictionary is what I use (in its Android app form). It comes with examples of the sign being used so you know the context for the word, which is VERY helpful. Note that some of the signs are outdated, however.
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