Lakka (Finnish cloudberry liqueur)
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ISO Lakka (Finnish cloudberry liqueur). No one seems to import it into the U.S. Does anyone know a U.S. source or a European place that will ship to the U.S.?
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Try contacting these people (there's a link to "company information in English" and then "Contact us"). They might be able to point you to a North American distributor. The Webtender suggests that it gets imported into Canada, so you might have to go through a Canadian middleman. Failing that, it looks like Quebec produces their own version of the stuff called Chicoutai, which might be easier to find.
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No info for you, but I'll keep an eye on this thread -- I would love to get new a bottle of Terva (Finnish smoky liquor - by Polarpanimot Oy) before I finish off the one I have been hoarding.
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The LCBO (Ontario's province-run liquor store) carries Lakka - do you know anyone who's going to Ontario in the next few months?
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KRS, please post if you find a source — Lakka really is delicious.
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I could have sworn I saw this at IKEA.... (seriously.)
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(1) You might really get it from IKEA, the Swedes have cloudberries too. (2) Truly ask the makers for info, they will know (3) If you really want it and can't order it, email me and I'll buy it and send it to you if you pay.
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