Sexy but practical?
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Mrs. Mitheral would like to get some sleepwear like this, or this, or even this or this for actually sleeping in. The problem is she's got shoulders like Gordie Howe so all those thin strap jobs either just slip right down and off or twist around choking her. She's convinced that if she could find something similiar but with more tank top style straps it would work out. I've wasted more time than I like to think about cruising the women's wear stores at the mall and on line with no luck. Anyone got a recommendation to an online retailer with a product of the style I'm looking for?

PS: C$100 is about as high as I can go, half that would be preferred.
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I've read this question twice and I can't figure out what you want. Perhaps explaining her shoulders again would help? You like the things you linked to, but they don't fit because her shoulders are too big?
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The second linked item crisscrosses in the back and has adjustable straps. I would think that would be perfect for someone with narrow or sloping shoulders. Am I missing something?
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Best answer: Like this type?
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Best answer: nordstrom has one . you might also try looking for "slips" rather than "nightgowns" because slips often have more substantial straps.
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Best answer: I googled for "tank chemise" and found this, this, this, and this one . Not all sexy, but all with tanktop.
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I think you may need to explain the Gordie Howe reference.
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This Gordie Howe?
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smackfu writes "I think you may need to explain the Gordie Howe reference."

Specially because I don't know if Gordy would feel comfortable in any of the linked pieces. But then again, I never met him, so that could even be his sleepwear of choice.

On the other hand, aren't these products projected exactly for easy slipping? Maybe you're missing the message...
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Yea, I think the slipping off the shoulder is part of it.... slip it on, slip it off.... That's why you always hear jokes about women never wearing fancy lingerie to bed, and sticking with flannel nightgowns- the fancy stuff usually isn't meant for sleeping in. It's just not sturdy enough.
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me bad, you have a link to gordie howe in the question, sorry!
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i think you may be confused mitheral, i'd have to say that as a female who's addicted to pretty underwear (etc), it sounds like you may be under the impression that teddies and the like actually stay on the rest of us without slippage... but you'd be wrong. it isn't a question of shoulders, it's a question of structure and support. while silk and satin make lovely silhouettes and fun evening-wear, they simply aren't constructed to stay on perfectly for any of us. unless you find underwear with more structure like underwires and support seaming, i'm afraid your wife is in the same boat as the rest of us.

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I think that's why those things are called, uh, "slips".

For the same sort of idea but more "sleepable" I'd recommend some sort of tank top/short shorts combo (doesn't have to match). I think they're pretty cute and still quite manageable for sleeping in.
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If you look at the link about Gordie Howe, you find out that he has very sloped shoulders. Not parallel to the ground. At an angle. Hence: the slip slips.

I know, I know, you all thought the Victoria Secret links were more fun. But the information was there...
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Response by poster: Sorry all, I got pulled away immediately after posting the question. Apparently Mr. Howe is a little more famous for having sloped shoulders in Canada then elsewhere.

Anyways thanks for the good leads, I think that item is what she is after.
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