Recommendation for a good cafe in Greenwich Village?
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Meeting my brother for breakfast in the Village early Sunday morning. What's open & good?
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Can you define "early"? Are we talking 7 am, or 9 am?

Believe it or not, that can make a difference.
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Response by poster: 9 AM.
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Buvette opens at 9 on the weekends so I bet you could nab a seat right away. It is delicious.
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Grey Dog!
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there's also hamilton's, the old-timey soda fountain place on bank street, which opens at 6
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Cafe Orlin, It is more the east Village, but people rave about it.
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Best answer: A.O.C.
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Going away the best breakfast in the Village is at Jeffrey's Grocery on Christopher and Waverly.

Grey Dog on University is also great for this but will be busy and loud.

The lobby espresso bar at the Marlton Hotel on 8th street serves pastries, and the Margaux restaurant in the back serves breakfast and is nice and quiet.
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I'm fond of Caffe Reggio (atmosphere and pancakes!) and the Waverly Diner (regular 24-hr diner fare), but if you could give a little clarification of what you would consider good (fancy? cheap? not too crowded? bustling? highly rated food? etc.) I could give a more specific suggestion. And are you looking for a full-on breakfast, or just coffee and pastries?

New York Magazine has a list that might help you, too — you can filter for price, type of food, etc. I've filtered here for breakfast, West Village, and their critics' picks, but you can clear any of those on the left and choose your own adventure.
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Response by poster: Some place where we can have a leisurely breakfast and maybe a few beers with it. Some place where we can hear each other speaking. Price not too important, within reason.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. We picked A.O.C. It was great!
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