How do I get Youtube videos to autoplay on Facebook?
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I'm trying to post Youtube videos on Facebook for my nonprofit and rather counterintuitively, they don't autoplay. Any advice on how to activate it?

I thought that this was automatic now--in fact, Googling has revealed a lot of people asking how to STOP autoplay, not how to enable it. Any advice?
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I was under the impression that it was a setting that each user sets (i.e. videos do not autoplay on my phone) rather that a setting that is chosen by the poster (i.e. your videos always/never autoplay).
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It is a setting that users control in their FB preferences. If you follow the instructions that you find on those pages on how to stop it, you should find a way to start it. That is not for everyone, just you. Autoplaying videos that I couldn't stop would make me unfollow your page.
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Mod note: Couple comments removed. The question isn't "do you like autoplay"; please focus on answering the question asked and leave it at that.
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I was under the impression that Facebook-embedded videos autoplay, but YouTube links do not. This is why Facebook-embedded videos get so many more views than YouTube embeds.
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I think xingcat has it — Facebook really prefers you to upload videos to their platform. I've heard Facebook-uploaded videos also get better placement in your friends/followers news feeds for this reason, too. If at all possible, I'd say give up the rising YouTube view count and double-upload your videos to YouTube and Facebook.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone! This has been very helpful.
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