Whence "Bitsy Pookums"?
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Remember the Calvin and Hobbes where Hobbes says he wants a girl he can call "Bitsy Pookums"?

Well, I do, and lets just say that someone special to me has reason to ask "why do you keep calling me that?" I haven't been able to find it in my small compilation collection.

I've got the massive, authoritative, expensive compilation on my Santa's List this year, but "it's somewhere in those three volumes you don't own yet" isn't totally helpful to me. Does anyone know which original compilation it was in? Or the date of original publication? Thanks!
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Hm. Of course, after posting my comment, I find the uExpress link doesn't work. Well, go to the searchable link and search for "bitsy" and it'll find you the image and the date. It's from August, 1987. And Wikipedia page on Calvin and Hobbes says that's first in "Yukon Ho!" and then collected also in the multibook set "The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes".
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Here is Bitsy Pookums.
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Good job, snoogy woogy!!!
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Does that mean you're now snoogy woogy?
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With the help of skynxnex, it is the comic from 29 August 1987. In the big compilation, if you should get it for Christmas, it's in Volume 1, page 317, last strip on that page.
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