Give me your favorite and best things to do with roasted hatch chiles!
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We're getting our first ever order of hatch chiles this weekend and are really excited. I plan on freezing some of them and making some corn bread, but would love to hear what else we can do with them.

I'm sure there are some great recipes out there or things to do that would really blow our minds. I ordered the 2nd hottest box so hopefully there will be some heat. My initial thoughts would be stuff them as well as make a green chili but there's a lot of recipes out there and I'm not sure which would be worth while to do, I'd hate to waste them on a meh recipe!

They'll be roasted for us on site at Mollie Stone's so I won't have to worry about doing that myself.
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Roast them to tenderness and throw them atop a burger.
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Use the juice and some of the flesh in making flour tortillas. Crazy good.

I like to use them for a relleno.

Other than those specifics I just use them. In eggs, stir fries, whatever. They're good in everything. In trying to think of something not to do with them, I'm even thinking roasted hatch ice cream sounds like an outstanding idea.
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I like them in a white bean chili.
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Chilaquiles! Breakfast food of the gods.

These corn fritters look great, too.
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Chili Cheese grits. Magicalness.
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Your recipes for chili and grits, I wants them!
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In honor of our different backgrounds (I'm from New England, my wife is from Albuquerque), we always make green chile corn chowder. It's delicious.

Also, green chile stew is a staple. I like to chop them up and fold them into cream cheese for a weekday breakfast treat. Also, make green chile sauce, it goes on everything!
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Mmm. I put them in meatloaf, in a layer through the middle with cheese.
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Make a pot of green chile posole (my favorite thing to make). Put the chopped ones in breakfast burritos. Make green chile cheeseburgers. Green chile bagels topped with green chile cream cheese. Green chile hummus. Seriously, there is no way you can go wrong putting green chile in everything.
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roasted for us on site

You need to peel them. And some people like to remove the seeds at this step too.

It's a lot easier to peel them before freezing.

I recommend gloves. If you wear contacts you might want to take them out beforehand. Even if you don't wear contacts don't touch your eyes. Wash your hands after. Yes even though you had gloves on.

You can chop them before freezing, keep some whole (including stem) so you can make rellenos and things like that.
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This here is my favorite green chili, which I make a whole bunch of different versions of:

Start with a pork roast. If you can find a nicely marbled one, slow cook it until it's falling apart, then shred it. If it's lean, dice and brown it. (I prefer the slow cooked pork, and the roasts are usually cheaper if you can find them at all, but I've had a tough time finding cheaper marbled roasts lately.)

Add a little bit of garlic, maybe two or three decent sized cloves and sweat that with the meat.

Add a whole ton of skinned, seeded, and diced green chili. I don't measure, but a lot. This is the main component. (I try to wear gloves when I do this, because apparently, I stick my fingers in my eyes a lot.)

Dice and add maybe 5 or 6 tomatillos.

Throw a bay leaf in there.

Simmer for a thousand years, and add some chicken or vegetable stock for consistency. Add salt to taste as well.

I really don't use any other seasoning for green chili, because the chiles themselves are the dominant flavor, but some people will add some cumin or Mexican oregano.


* Add some skinned, diced tomatoes for Colorado-style. When I do this, I usually just use canned.
* Add diced potatoes to make it green chili stew. I use Yukon Golds when I do this.
* Add posole for green chili posole, like heurtebise says.
* You may thicken the base if you choose as well.

I serve it the first day usually with either rice or polenta, and I make enough for lots of leftovers for using in burritos, and my favorite breakfast: Fried polenta topped with green chili with eggs poached in it.

Woo hoo! Green chiles!
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Green chile is one of the best things ever, and like cmoj says, it enhances pretty much any dish. My all-time favorite is to smother breakfast burritos in green chile sauce, but they are also rad with mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, on top of pizza, with any kind of egg dish imaginable, in a burger, on top of a hot dog, etc etc etc.....
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Cut into flat pieces, dredge in cornmeal, pan-fry till crisp, and eat in a taco or sandwich with avocado and tomato. Or, y'know, by themselves with a beer.
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You need to peel them. And some people like to remove the seeds at this step too.

Don't remove the seeds if you are going for heat. There's a bunch of capsaicin in there.
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You need to peel them. And some people like to remove the seeds at this step too.

Don't remove the seeds if you are going for heat. There's a bunch of capsaicin in there.

And also be aware that they get hotter the longer they are stored in the freezer.

I pull out Comida Sabrosa when I need a green chile fix. Try the green chile stew recipe or the stuffed green chile casserole.
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For something a little different, try a Hatch Chile Apple Cobbler. The combination of sweet and spicy is surprisingly nice.
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One thing I like to do is making Corn Chowder and using a couple of the hatch peppers in it. it ends up a little on the spicy side. VERY good.
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I made this lazy chiles rellenos the other day and it was indeed incredibly lazy and also delicious.
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Anyone have a good sauce/salsa recipe for them?
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I've made the following recipe with roasted hatch chiles instead of serranos or jalapeños:

8 ounces (3 to 4 medium) tomatillos, husked and rinsed
Fresh hot green chiles to taste (1 or 2 serranos or 1 jalapenos), stemmed
2 large garlic cloves, peeled
6 sprigs of fresh cilantro (thick bottom stems cut off), roughly chopped
1/4 small white onion, finely chopped

Roast the tomatillos, chile(s) and garlic on a rimmed baking sheet 4 inches below a very hot broiler, until blotchy black and softening (they’ll be turning from lime green to olive), about 5 minutes. Flip them over and roast the other side. Cool, then transfer everything to a blender, including all the delicious juice the tomatillos have exuded during roasting. Add the cilantro and 1/4 cup water, then blend to a coarse puree. Scoop into a serving dish. Rinse the onion under cold water, then shake to remove excess moisture. Stir into the salsa and season with salt, usually 1/2 teaspoon.
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the chili recipe ernielundquist's provides can (must!) be used as a sauce on everything. Everything!
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Make crispy hashbrowns. Melt sharp cheddar on top. Liberally apply hot chopped cooked de-seeded, skinned green chili. Add dollop of sour cream. Serve with black coffee or cold beer.
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We just got a case of these last weekend and now have many bags sitting in our freezer. Enjoy! One of the things we've done is make a cheese dip, subbing the Hatch for the poblanos. Pretty much any recipe that calls for poblanos can be used for these chiles.
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Also, our case came with a free cookbook. Which basically consists of "make x, add chiles". Mac and cheese, add chiles. Meatloaf, add chiles.
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