Photography Classes in Manhattan?
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I'd like to pay for a photography class as a gift for a friend in Manhattan. I don't know anything - please help!

How do I choose one? How much should I expect to pay? What are some factors I should consider? At this point, these are my only parameters:

- My friend works long hours so weekends work better.
- The class should be for beginners, but still be fairly serious to sustain my friend's interest (he's a designer).

Please help me understand the unknown unknowns here.
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The International Center of Photography has a course catalog; maybe you can start there!
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While the schedule may not be as convenient, check if any of the ICP instructors are also teaching a class at FIT - it's a SUNY (state) college, so the tuition for an audited/non-degree class there will be less than ICP, which is private.
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My friend runs a photography school in NYC called NYC Digital Photography Workshops and they do private photography workshops at a reasonable rate. You can email her at
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Seconding FIT, I think their continuing education program is one of the best bargains in the city. Most of the courses are actual for credit classes, same as the degree-seeking students are taking, which I like because 1) I know they're not watered down for continuing ed and 2) I like the idea that should I some day decide to get a degree in silversmithing, the credits will be transferable. The courses open to continuing ed students often have weekend sections too. The only thing I would caution against is that it's a semester-long commitment, and depending on the course it can be intense. They do also have noncredit "professional studies" type courses which are a few weeks in length, I think the instructors vary more.
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