Online Wedding List?
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Is there a online wedding list service where the gifts can be from anywhere (just a descriptive list, not for ordering)?

I'm getting married next year, and since my partner and I have been together for a while already, we don't want to get loads of stuff we've already got, hence the need for a wedding list.

I don't want it restricted to one shop (online or off) and would love a simple checklist of presents and where they can be found/hyperlinks. Ideally this list would be password protected and I could just email out to the guests where it was.

I thought about using basecamp, but don't want to have to force people to join just to edit the page.

Any ideas mefites?
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Baggle will let you create a wishlist that will work with any store on the web.
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So will Felicite. It also allows you to set up partial gift giving.
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Best answer: I found this alternative registry via Stay Free!'s wedding blog. They say:
This site allows you to list anything, be it from a local indie store or some website. You can specify as many or few details as you want: "model X lamp in X color from Cog & Pearl at 190 Avenue in Park Slope" or simply "a boombox." Thus, it not only allows your people to buy from local, independent businesses, it allows them, in some cases, to comparison shop.
Your givers do, however, have to come back to the site after buying the gift, to check off that they bought it so you don't get duplicates. But that's not too bad.
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Best answer: My wife and I used a registry at, but it's not password protected.

Still, it worked pretty well, and you can link to buy online at any store or just have general description of items you're not as picky about.
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Huh. Nyxie and I need something like this but I hadn't realized we did. Thanks for asking, sdevans!
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You could always create a account just for the registry.
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Response by poster: I think the suggestions for findgift are probably the best for my circumstances (wedding) as they mix online and offline shopping. Too bad findgift's 'registry' service isn't password protected, I just hope some joker doesn't tick everything off!

I do like the idea of baggle, shame the application only works in IE, as I'd love to just baggle all the cool stuff I regularly see online.

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Froggle Shopping List?
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For what it's worth, we had no problem with people ticking everything off; I think they'd have to know to search for your registry for them to even see it. Of course, someone who knows about your registry could be a joker, but then, that would be true even if it were password-protected.

One other word of advice: definitely remind people to check off the items they buy unless you want 4 waffle makers.

Congrats, and good luck with everything!
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A friend of mine tried a site called which worked for them. It had a couple of nice features - like being able to subdivide the list. It also did have a password option to protect who can see the list and tick things off although I think this was optional.
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