Dear Hover Click, I Hate You
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On a Mac, is there a way to change a filename in Finder *other than* hovering/mousing over the filename and clicking until the name field becomes editable?
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Best answer: Click it once (to ensure you have the correct file) then hit enter.

One and done.

: )
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Click once to select the file name, then hit Command + I (or choose File menu > Get Info). File name is one of the properties you can change in the Get Info window.
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You can also right-click or control-click to reach the Get Info dialog box.
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Yes, you single click the file, wait a second and left click it again. No hovering, no "until". This is the normal, predictable behavior.
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Yes, patience :)

I think the amount of time you need to wait after clicking is a split-second too slow to be intuitively responsive.
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Click it once (to ensure you have the correct file) then hit enter.

This technique removes any confusion and may give you the certainty you desire, but the standard behavior is the same number of steps and just as fast, if a little less obvious:
  • click once to select*,
  • click again (not a double click, two distinct clicks) and the name becomes editable
Click twice vs. click and press return vs. click and Command I to see the Get Info dialog with its editable filename field — all pretty much of a muchness in terms of ease and number of steps, but having options is always good.

Completeness prompts me to mention the fact that if you have a terminal window open then no clicking or hovering at all is necessary and the mv command will do what you want — but using the command line is probably not an improvement for most people. And if you have many files to rename in predictable ways A Better Finder Rename, though not free, has long been a powerful and versatile option.

*if you leave the mouse unmoved after the first click, after about a second the full filename shows even if it is otherwise too long to fit in the allotted space without ellipsis — clicking again will make it editable even when the full name is showing
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