Help me sound like Linda Belcher
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My friend lost a bet and I get to talk to her for an entire morning sounding like Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers. How can I best sound like Linda?

I know this is kind of ridiculous. My friend is quite annoyed at the sound of Linda Belcher's voice, though I love it. However, I am having a hard time nailing down her voice. Any voice coaches, actors, or SLPs have some advice about how I could best practise sounding like Linda? Any particular words, exercises, or areas of my mouth I should on concentrate on? Thanks!
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You could check out John Robert's YouTube (he voices Linda). Watching may help with mouth shapes, etc. Plus funny!
Specifically the Mom videos, which I believe is the basis for the voice/character.
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To me, the essence of Linda is 1) a sing-song-y voice that is either on the verge of breaking into a showtune, or already flat-out Broadway belting, and 2) an effortless commitment to positivity, optimism, and 100% support for any proposed scheme, no matter the wackiness.

That said, John Roberts has said his mother is an Italian from Brooklyn, so maybe this video on how to do a Brooklyn accent will help get your mouth set in the right place?

Also, this is super great. I'm so glad you won!
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I love Linda. I don't sound anything like her but I sound a lot more like her when I sing. I think singing all morning is your key, which only makes this awesome thing even more awesome.
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The key both to sounding like Linda and annoying the shit out of your friend is going to be to break into song frequently.
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Lina says, "oh" before people's names a lot, I can't think of any other verbal patterns - other than the singing, of course.
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Linda has some vocal fry that creeps in when she wheedles "Booooobby," and that's the sort of time she starts to sound like her own mother (seen in an early season 1 episode, nad maybe others), who makes... noises that must be heard.

She half-sings her lines when she's excited but not explicitly singing, and flattens when she's disappointed. Anger is disappointment at a higher pitch. "GENE! LOUISE!"

I think the Brooklyn accent is a good lead, and mastering the vowel sounds is what you need for that accent. Those John Roberts videos of his mother/Linda impression are great, starting with that fried ticking: "Nndowoon't splaesh me!"
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Master "Allllriiiiight" and employ it liberally.
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