How do I manage people, including my current boss?
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I'm likely to be promoted to a position that's higher than I've ever been, and given some struggles I've had in the past with this organization, I need some advice.

I've worked for this company, a sort of retail/restaurant combo, for six years. Currently, my store manager is someone who used to be my subordinate. My district manager is someone I hired when I was manager, and now she is leaving. Possibly only temporarily, possibly permanently. Right now I am a lowly shift leader. I have been offered the district manager's job. I am good at managing paperwork, less good at things like hounding vendors (but I mostly manage), and pretty bad at managing people.

How do I learn to manage and delegate effectively? What are some good resources for learning to manage one's time? What are some good resources for solving interpersonal conflicts in the workplace without involving HR? How do I navigate the tricky waters of jumping ranks, having been someone's subordinate and now being their boss? How do I effectively negotiate a good salary, given that salary is the total package being offered, and this company has tended to underpay all management (including me in the past)?

Bonus: Are there any good retail manager blogs?
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In terms of online resources... Let Ask A Manager be your new bible/blog. I read it every day. Eventually, you will absorb the author's good management techniques by osmosis. You also might like poking through the Harvard Business Review. Don't be scared off by the name; the info can be just as relevant to a retail manager as a CEO. Evil HR Lady is another blog that might be worth following.
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Ask A Manager is a good place to start. The questions she answers are a bit heavier on office jobs, but retail-specific questions come up, too. And a lot of the advice she gives applies to both. You can definitely find past posts about tricky situations such as managing former subordinates, as well as advice for negotiating salary.
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Check out the Manager Tools podcast, specifically their basic ones. It covers things like feedback, coaching, delegation, and communication.
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Nthing manager tools. Start with their basics casts.
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