Can I use an iBook's power adaptor for my PowerBook?
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I have a new 12 inch PowerBook with original power adaptor, my girlfriend has a 1 year old iBook with original power adaptor, I also have an old 15 inch 877 MHz "TiBook" PowerBook with an aftermarket power adaptor supposedly built just for that TiBook (at least I was told it would work with that TiBook.) Can we share power adaptors? Or should I only use my new power adaptor with my new PowerBook?
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Best answer: Technically (according to Apple) you shouldn't, but I've been sharing a bunch of Powerbook (Tibook, Albook and iBook) power adaptors for years without any noticeable problems.
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iBook power adapters are generally 45W, while PowerBook adapters are generally 65W. I don't think you'll be able to charge the battery while you use the 45W adapter; other than that, I haven't read of other symptoms. Myself, I would (and do) use the 65W adapter for my PowerBook.
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i don't know, i freely use both for both models. all of the apple laptop power adapters i have (all the way back to the oyster/toilet seat ibooks) work on both my powerbook and ibook. apple obviously says "no" but i haven't had any troubles.
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Interesting. My ipod will work with my charger and no others- it charges but then it switches off and refuses to turn on until I plug it into mine. It will work with any docking station, however.
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I have had problems inadvertently using my wife's 12" PowerBook adapter with my 17" PowerBook. It works, but the adapter becomes extremely hot - and probably has shortened the effect life of it.

You should make sure that you are not running an underpowered adapter with a laptop that will be trying to draw more Watts than it is rated for. Could be a fire hazard as well.
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The 12" PB (at least in the 1.33 ghz version) comes with a 45W power adaptor, as did my previous 12" iBook.
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Works okay for me - I've been specifically sharing adapters between a 1.5 ghz 15" PowerBook and a 1.3 ghz 12" iBook.
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