Seattle specific: Where should we have lunch tomorrow?
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We'll be at Virginia Mason, with time for lunch from roughly 11:30 - 2:30. Any recommendations? Any warnings of places to avoid?

A couple of months ago I asked a question here about a growth in Mr. K's throat. Turned out to be an infection, antibiotics cleared it up quickly. But there was a second small growth that had been there for at least a year. A new ENT took a biopsy, and it is positive for cancer.

We got a referral to Virginia Mason, and tomorrow morning Mr. K will be having a PET/CT scan at 8:00, and then we will both meet with his doctor at 2:30 to talk results and next steps.

We're used to driving in Seattle, but really don't want to get in the car, go somewhere, and then come back. He can walk, and I'll have a my electric scooter, so the only thing we can't do is use outdoor steps. I'd prefer somewhere that's not a madhouse at lunch, with lots of people grabbing lunch to go. Upscale or small cafe or deli & pocket park -- haven't been in that area in years, and don't have a clue. For all I know, the hospital cafeteria is great. Price does not matter.

Mr. K will have been on a zero carb diet for 2 days, and fasting for 15 hours at this point, so delicious is a plus, but I think most anything will taste good to him. Especially with a beer. I'm hoping for a place that makes us say, "Oh, this is nice."
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I have not been there, but is from the people at Green Leaf, purveyors of some of the best Vietnamese in the city. It's about a block from V-M.

Sugar Bakery, just up the block, also has some lunch stuff, and excellent cookies.

Sorry to hear about Mr K's cancer.
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Can't remember where there are steps, but a few ideas: Cafe Presse (French) is a good spot, 10-15 minutes walk from VM. A little closer is Marination Station (Hawaiian-Korean fusion) - I've been to their food truck and loved the kalbi soft tacos, haven't actually been to their brick & mortar restaurant. You'll also be close (5-10 minute walk) to a McMenamin's pub (Six Arms) if you want a burger and beer. If you're in an upscale eclectic small plate mood, I've heard excellent reviews for Sitka & Spruce, across the street from Six Arms. I'm honestly not sure if I could have come up with four more different options for lunch if I'd tried, but I'm pretty choosy and would be happy at any one. Hoping for the best with the appointment.
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I would not choose to break my fast with McMenamin's food. Or beer. But YMMV.
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Maybe a sandwich from George's Delicatessen? (their actual site seems not-working, thus the stranger review)

There's also the 2 bus that comes frequently and can take you downtown, which might also work, if you don't see anything you like in the area.
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Best answer: Six arms is good. It's owned by mcmenamins, but it's not mcmenamins.

Presse is EXTREMELY good. Like woah, mindblowing good. It's also a little fancier and will feel like a treat.

I like marination station, but it's tiny, will be packed, and you probably wouldn't even be able to get the scooter inside.

If i had to choose, i'd probably go to trove and get stuff from their noodle bar and a desert parfait. Your mind will be blown, and it's not spendy.
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I love Cafe Presse, but they are not very accessible. The space is very crowded in front, the back room is better, but I wouldn't want to navigate to the back with an electric scooter.

Sitka and Spruce is great (very pricey) but not open until 5pm.

I think your best bet for lunch and a beer would be The Honeyhole on Pike. Their sandwiches are delicious. They get busy during lunch, but most people grab it to go, so seating won't be impossible to find.
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Sitka & Spruce's website has them open for lunch Monday thru Friday - 11:30 am to 2 pm, unless thorn bush has more current info.
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One of the best weekday lunches I've had was at Stateside - their bahn mi with a side of pho broth is the best I've had in town. I just can't recall how wheelchair-accessible the entrance is.
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Best answer: I go to VM every once in a while to see my doctor there. If energy levels are low post visit, the cafeteria actually isn't that bad. If none of the hot meals appeal to you, they have numerous packaged salad and sandwich options.

They also have a Tully's Coffee stand, with really nice baristas.
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Oh! Nope, I was going off old info. I've tried to grab lunch there about a year ago and remembered them being closed. Sorry!

Still plugging for the Honeyhole, because I think they're as good for half the price :)
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The hunt club at the sorrento hotel is great
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Response by poster: Thanks very much for all the suggestions. Since we'll be coming back to the area with some regularity, I've made a list, and we'll be working our way through it.

This time, since the lunch was between getting a PET scan and seeing the doctor about the results, anxiety was high, and Mr. K preferred the comfort of a brew pub. Six Arms it was; he had African peanut soup and a hot turkey sandwich, as well as a small glass of IPA beer. It was just what he needed -- and the place was practically empty so we could sit quietly as long as we wanted. Friendly waitstaff, too.

And, although I don't have a cute picture of Mr. K to post, I'm happy to say there's no sign of cancer anywhere except his tonsil. Still involves radiation and chemo, but everyone is very positive about the treatment and the outcome.
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Yay!! And the 6 arms rules. :)
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Thanks for the followup, and happy to hear of the diagnosis!
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