Help me find the perfect (woman's) boot
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I need to start wearing more supportive shoes, but hate having many pairs and want something durable and versatile. I'm also pretty clueless about shoe style. Help me MeFashionistas! Snowflake details inside.

About me: average height, chubby, hourglass figure, big curvy calves with shapely ankles and size 10 feet.

About the shoe:
* Probably a boot, but other options are okay as long as it is very supportive and not athletic or sporty.
* I have huge calves so it's probably not going over them without alteration. Ankle boots would be fine.
* Preferably not laced. If it's possible for a shoe like this to be slip on/slip off that would be ideal.
* Toe on the pointed side, heel on the low side, or no heel.
* Doesn't make my feet look bigger — they are already big enough.
* Gray or black, or a brown that isn't too warm/earthy.
* Would look good with any of the following items: leggings, knee-length skirts, long skirts, boot cut jeans, skinny jeans
* More hipster than cowgirl.
* Not heavy or clunky. More feminine than not.
* A little bit forgiving. I'm prone to edema and sometimes I need extra room in the shoes, which is why I usually wear flats.
* Natural materials if possible.
* Budget: $200.
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I have a pair of these in black patent and I wear them constantly. They go with EVERYTHING, short skirts, long skirts, slacks, you name it. However, for the style points you like (specifically no lace and lower heel), I also have this pair. I really really like them but I feel like they are slightly less wearable with everything. I end up wearing them mostly with slacks.
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I think a sleek Chelsea boot is the way to go. I basically live in mine during the fall. They slip on easily, look great with everything, and nearly every shoe company makes one. Here's an Elle article on the best Chelsea boots under $250. If you want to err on the side of comfort, these Clarks are bound to be comfortable.
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These Earth ankle boots are incredibly comfortable. They have a really cushy, supportive sole and a nice shape and toe that I think make my feet look small. They don't slip on/off, but the zipper is quick and comfortable, no laceup (the buckle is just decorative).
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Check out the offerings from Cobb Hill! They're made by New Balance so they're super comfy. I have ginormous calves and the Bethany is wonderful (and while it has laces, it zips on!).
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I can second Cobb Hill for comfort-- I have a pair and they're dreamy.
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Born are well designed. At least they used to be.
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oh oh oh when I was in my closet this morning it struck me that I should mention Merrell. They do a lot of running shoes, and that's how I got started with them, but I also have a couple of pairs of non running shoes that I wear in the office. Here's a recent Merrell offering for you to view. I actually think you'd do well to find a Merrell store and look around, but here's another Merrell on Zappos. They make their "office" shoes really walkable and often make them with a view to women riding their bikes to work and then working.
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