Help me ID this song I heard at Burning Man with 'baby elephant' in it?
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Heard some song with lines about elephants, now might die if I don't hear it again. Google has failed me.

As I was groggy waking up from a nap at Burning Man this year I heard this odd song pounding from afar. I want to say one verse's lines started with 'mama elephant' or something like that and I'm certain another verse's lines started with 'baby elephant.' It was kind of rhythmic, simple, pounding and catchy. Very repetitive. Maybe like 'Baby elephant where are you?' Followed by some other rhyming lines. Except I don't think that's exactly it because Google failed to turn anything up. I think there were multiple verses presumably with various animals. I'm almost certain it was a woman's voice.

It's been driving me utterly insane. It was so catchy it's been in my head ever since and I thought I'd have enough info to adequately google it but I'm failing. Halp, I need to hear it again! It's not Mancini or ten other things that Google turned up. It's apparently something hippies in the desert would blast at midday.
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Tame Impala - "Elephant"?
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MC Honkey - "Baby Elephant Rockabye"?
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Is it possible it was Damon Albarn - Mr. Tembo? (Tembo is Swahili for elephant).
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Thars only baby elephant song I know: "bébé éléphant(YT)" by Dick Annegarn. Doesn't really pound, being solo acoustic guitar+voice, but it's quite nice.
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Sounds like "what's music" by People Like Us / Negativland, which samples the Shangri-La's Mary Weiss giving advice ("Don't barge on in like a baby elephant!").
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It's only similar because of catchiness and a woman singing, but maybe 17 Pink Sugar Elephants by Vashti Bunyan, covered a few years ago by Mates of State?
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Tom Tom Club? It's rythmic, simple and pounding and has female vocals and a vaguely elephantine theme but that's where the similarity ends.
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Nellie the Elephant
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Ooops. I meant this version, sorry.
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