Making EndNote correctly cite a website?
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Is there any way to get EndNote -- yes, yes, I know, a steaming pile of rancid bits of a software app -- to correctly cite a website?

Setting reference type to "online multimedia" does not seem to work; setting the URL to the URL of the site doesn't work, either. Maybe it's cause I'm just on deadline but I can't find nothin'. Help?
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What version are you using?
posted by Rothko at 5:47 PM on December 6, 2005

9 for OS X. I've tried setting it to 'electronic source' but that doesn't really work, either...
posted by docgonzo at 5:48 PM on December 6, 2005

I have 8, unfortunately. Sorry. :(
posted by Rothko at 5:51 PM on December 6, 2005

Freaky. You posted this while I was busy composing my own Endnote question.
posted by sanitycheck at 5:52 PM on December 6, 2005

Ach, no probs; thanks for checking. Look like I'll have to live with the imperfect cite...
posted by docgonzo at 5:52 PM on December 6, 2005

Whoa. Yeah, that's.... weird.
posted by docgonzo at 5:57 PM on December 6, 2005

You can make custom categories (the catgories being book, chapter from edited book, etc.). Create a custom category called "web page" and set up the citation the way you like it.

It would probably be called "Edit styles" or something like that.
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I agree with duck, that's about the only way to make it work.
posted by dipolemoment at 6:02 PM on December 6, 2005

I third the custom styles suggestion.
posted by fshgrl at 6:12 PM on December 6, 2005

Thanks, all. It's not my preferred solution -- one would think that EndNote would provide an automatic cite for websites, no? -- but it works, so thanks.
posted by docgonzo at 8:13 AM on December 7, 2005

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