How much bending can a battery take?
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I replaced the screen on my LG G2 and in removing the glued in Li-ion polymer battery pack from the old assembly I bent the battery pretty good, maybe one end bowed up a quarter inch in a gentle arc. How damaged is it likely to be?

Everything seems to work fine, though the whole reassembled phone has a bit of a torque to it which I attribute to not flattening the battery sufficiently when I reinstalled it. Replacement batteries are pretty cheap, especially compared to buying a new phone. On the other hand I'd just as soon not pry the case open again. After three days everything seems to work fine including charging and battery life.
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If the battery life is fine then... meh.

I've had this sort of torque ruin a battery though. Any battery capacity reader diagnostic/tool/app would show it as fine, but it suddenly started lasting like 1/4 of the time and capacity it should. Swapped it and it was like getting a brand new phone again.

I'd probably give it a week or so before i decided.
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As long as the battery life is as expected, and there are not any odd new warm spots in the case from an internal short circuit of the battery, things should be fine.
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I'd be pretty careful - it may not be broken now, but it may be a lot closer to being broken than you'd like. Which wouldn't be a big deal, except that when lithium batteries fail, they can fail catastrophically with fire that water can't put out.
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I'm with wotsac. It's probably fine, especially if you haven't noticed decreased battery life, but when li-ion batteries fail they really fail. Like fire everywhere fail. And the separator layers in modern Li-ion batteries are only a couple dozen ┬Ám thick, it doesn't take much to cause a short. I'd feel safer with a new battery. Google pictures of cell phone battery fires. It's not something you want happening in your pocket, or your car, or your house.
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I ended up replacing it after a week. Though the old one was working just fine, the new battery noticeably gets less hot than the original when charging. Also the bend in the phone is somewhat less pronounced. Hopefully the capacity is as advertised.
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