This blasted elusive baby furniture!
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We are preparing for a homestudy ahead of being licensed for foster care! Hooray! We need a crib to pass the homestudy! Hooray! This is the most lovely and practical piece for our small space I could ever dream up!

You know. Hooray. I can find several different versions of this picture through a reverse image search. But I can't find this damn thing for sale in real life after a bloody battle with Google. I know it's a long shot, but can anyone help me find one? So much love and thanks in advance!
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I searched "trundle crib" and found that those cribs appear to be manufactured by a Spanish company called Alondra Baby. They seem to be for sale in many European countries, but not the US.
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Googling "combo crib changing table" came up with many options, the closest being this in white.
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I'm think it might be by a company called Micuna - that's the brand a couple of the oldest links for the orange-ish pic came back to. Here's a link to their convertible crib site. I sort of think that it's this one, painted, with different knobs.
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If that doesn't get you somewhere, you might crawl through some of these other links, or try the other image in Tineye. I'm out of time to look for now.
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Target sells the Mikaila Presley 3-in-1 crib changer combo that looks pretty close.
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I am so sorry you are having such a hard time, but I may have an explanation. This type of crib is super common in Brazil, but I have never seen one in North America. I just ran a google image search for this type of crib in Portuguese ("berço convertível" is one term I used, if you are interested at looking) and found plenty of choices both in Brazil and Portugal. I think the reason you can't find it for sale is because the companies selling them aren't advertising them in English.
Good luck finding something you like, and congratulations on the new family addition!!
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Looks like it was made by a company called Micuna, but it appears they no longer sell it.

They do appear to sell something similar, but the style is different enough that you might not like it.

FWIW, I know lots of parents don't love the idea of a changing table built into the crib -- myself included. This is because the baby will start actively trying to crawl off the edge while you're changing him/her by the time they're a year old. The height of that changer, combined with a steep drop on all sides makes it pretty unforgiving. I use a low dresser with a pad on it as a changing table for my 14 month old, but many of my friends prefer a bed or the floor. I don't know many people who've gone for the dedicated changing table, since it's not a long term use item.

Good luck with your homestudy (they're nerve wracking, but ultimately easy), and with finding your new addition!
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Your best bet is probably Wayfair. I searched for convertible crib. I couldnt find your exact one but some similar ones:

Example 1
Example 2

Maybe if you look around a little bit more, you can find one that suits your needs and taste?
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If you can't find that piece (or it is too pricey), a regular crib combined with a dresser and changing pad on top will likely be more versatile in the long term anyway.
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If space is the primary concern, perhaps a mini crib and then a suitable dresser with a change mat on top would work as well. Just be cautious about what the home study will approve. Depending on where you are, they may specify 'full size crib suitable to age X-Y' and will almost certainly demand it be approved for whatever country you are in's standards, which may prevent any imported or even second hand options. Good luck with the homestudy and beyond!
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I don't know how much help this will be, but that reminds me of the furniture sold by Gautier; particularly the Piccadilly line.

I don't see any cribs there, though.

(And congrats and good luck!)
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Thanks so much you guys!

What I loved about the piece was the modular aspect - we could use it in our tiny one bedroom for the immediate future and then separate it when (yes!) the crib escape age begins.

It's okay that it's not feasible to get this exact piece. I can handle living in an imperfect world, I suppose. I've been doing so thusfar.
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