Know any fun iPad games similar to 90s King Quests?
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I'm nostalgic for games I played as a kid, as well as just great iPad games in general. I recently picked up a few games and really enjoyed (Her Story, 80 Days). Help me find great games?

I want games with stories and goals (so, not angry birds or whatever). Also, not really a fan of fighting games. More puzzles and exploration.

Also, I miss specifically games I used to love when I was a kid, like King's Quest, and Police Quest, stuff like that. Anything come to mind?
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Superbrothers: Swords and Sworcery is really cool, a bit high-concept but basically a fun exploration game.
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Beneath a Steel Sky was a pretty cool adventure game from that same era.
Machinarium is a modern take on the adventure genre.
The Cave is another modern game with an old-school sensibility and pedigree.
Some of the Monkey Island games have been updated to the iPad.
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I don't play games on an Ipad, but has a list of recommended adventure games ported to Ipad.
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There are several Wadjet Eye games on iOS that you might like, e.g. Gemini Rue and the Blackwell games. Shivah is very good as well but shorter than the others (at least it was when I played it on PC).
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Not on iPad, but they are making a new King's Quest game for PC and consoles. The premise is Graham, now an old king, is retelling the stories of his adventures as well as new stories he hasn't told anyone before, and you play through them. It would probably be fun especially if you already have nostalgia for the series.
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I haven't played them on an iPad, but Telltale has some great adventure style games available.

I also have fond memories of the original Grim Fandango, which has recently been remastered for iOS.
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More puzzles and exploration.

• The Room
• The Room 2

And, when it's finally released..
• The Room 3
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I'll second Machinarium - I had nearly every Sierra game back in the day and Machinarium is one of my favorites.

The company that makes it also released Botanicula which is equally as fun and just as visually gorgeous.
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Space Age is on sale right now. I haven't played it but it might fit the bill.
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I think you might find the iOS port of The Bard's Tale up your alley. It's even currently on sale. Bit of an action-RPG, but it's a comedy, and has lots of exploration and exposition.
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Republique is a fun exploration game. The puzzle aspects are more about evading surveillance than the use-this-item-over-there puzzles in King's Quest, and it's definitely more about problem solving and planning than about combat.
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