Help me decide between the Canon SX170 and SX510
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I want to buy one of these refurbished from cannon today or tomorrow. The price difference is negligible to me. If you have any other alternative suggestions, feel free to make them. Is there something better in that range, (less than 150 USD)?

The primary use is going to be taking pictures while hiking, mostly in the daytime, but possibly some milky way shots if possible? I've only ever had small point and shots with at most 10x zoom the most (Lumix sz7).

SX 170
SX 510

I don't really care that the 510 is much bigger if it is definitely better. Snapsort comparison:

If there's something better for the price, please let me know.
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When I was checking out cameras in this price range last year, I was advised to pay attention to the sensor size and type. The SX170 is a CCD sensor; the SX510 is CMOS. IIRC, the latter is faster but less sensitive and uses less energy. Here's a explanation.
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