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Hi All, I'm hoping for some advice hopefully from someone with some hands on experience with the current Kobo offerings. I'm looking to update my trusty old Sony T1 ereader, it's still working great but a few scratches on the face and the lack of a light lead me to upgrade.

Since I am coming from Sony and already have some books in the Kobo store I'm not really interested in the other brands (unless there is some very compelling reason I've missed) I'm in Canada the prices seem pretty much consistent.

I'd like to store some work PDF's on it so expandable memory would be nice to have. I read comics on my Tablet so size and resolution isn't important on that front. Though it would likely be nice for the PDFs. It looks like it's down to the Aura H20 ($179) and the Aura ($99).

Any opinions on if the higher resolution and larger screen of the H20 make it worth while? I do like the waterproof nature of the H20 but while I do halfheartedly think all devices like this (tables, phones, small cameras, etc) should be waterproof by default I am sure it's not worth almost twice the price. Any personal experiences with either device?
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I have the H2O, and I had whatever the first glowy Kobo was before this. I don't care even the slightest little bit about the resolution, and the screen size is fine but it is somewhat bigger. I do love that it is waterproof. That said, I used the old one in the bathtub and it got splashed and survived just fine. (I use this one in the shower and in a hot tub.)

If you don't care about real waterproofness and "doesn't get hurt if it gets splashed a bit on the screen" is enough, I probably wouldn't go for the H2O.

Just to be clear, the Kobo is much less nice to use than the Sony was, and you will be sad. The light is worth it, but everything else is a downgrade. (I've tried a Kindle and feel the same way about it compared to Sony.)
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I have the Glo. It does everything you want (memory expansion via micro sd). Battery life is 30-50 hr on a charg even with constant light use.
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I "upgraded" from a Sony T1 to a Kobo H2O a couple of months ago. I'm also in Canada and also need to keep PDFs around. And e-readers in general turned me from an avid reader to a voracious reader.

I agree entirely with jeather that no reader will duplicate the experience of the Sony. The Kobo's resolution is better, but the reading experience (page turns, navigation, dictionary lookups, annotations) is not bad, but not as good as Sony's. Downloading books from the library through Overdrive is a bit different as well. I've been using Adobe Digitial Editions for it rather than the Kobo software and that experience is better than the Reader software, in my opinion. The Kobo software doesn't make sense to me at all.

I wish Sony hadn't abandoned the Reader because it was a great product and nothing out there currently matches it. But I think the H2O is probably the best of the bunch. Do read the user manual carefully, though, because some of the controls are different enough that thinking the H2O works like a Reader will be an exercise in frustration. At least it was for me.
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I got the H2O for my birthday last month (thanks husband!). I upgraded from a Kobo Touch, which has no light. I was debating between the Glo HD and the H2O and the woman at the store also recommended the Aura. I went with the H2O because it's waterproof (I like read in the tub and I've gotten more cautious with my devices after a couple of water-based incidents in the last year). I also figured the larger size would result in few page turns.

I'm nearly a month in with it and I'm happy with my decision - I love having the light and the resolution is definitely clearer than the Kobo Touch. I bought a sleep cover off of Amazon which was way cheaper than the ones at Indigo so that saved a few bucks.

A bonus about Kobo is that library books are easy to load onto it. Not sure if that's an issue for you, but being able to get ebooks without visiting the library has increased the amount (and variety) of the books I'm reading. (But as a previous Sony Reader user, you probably know this! Kindles and libraries don't seem to get along in Canada.)
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