Launching EBook on Amazon Kindle. Help Me Cross the I's and Dot the T's
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My ebook is being launched next Wednesday. I am also going to piggyback my first book on top of this launch. It will be free through KindleSelect and readers can by 2 for 1 for two days.

I am marketing through e-mail blast, FB pages and free ebook sites. I have a system that will drive a lot of the sale for the first two days. The books are listed in self help and mysticism. What other marketing and sales option do I have?
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Do you have Twitter? Search around for 'retweet groups' -- these are usually revolve around one account, like @IARTG (Indie Author Retweet Group), where when you tweet something and tag the retweet group, members of the group will in turn retweet your tweet. I recall seeing very granular and specific retweet groups on a variety of subjects. It may not be a huge return, but (particularly if you're offering free stuff) it will get in front of a bunch of eyeballs pretty quickly.
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