Sports cards and related crap sold to impressionable kids in the '90s
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We're moving and I have three large boxes of sports cards that are steadily refusing to make me a millionaire as promised by the assorted authorities who sold them to me when I was 10. Is there a best practice for getting rid of them? EBay? Bonfire? This is almost all from the early '90s.

EBay searches indicate it's probably not worth the effort to list them. I realize that's probably my answer. Anyone had success putting them to some beneficial use?
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Is there a cards-n-comix shop in your area that gives a better deal if you take store credit instead of cash when selling? I'd bring them in, pick out an awesome graphic novel, enjoy my new book, forget about the cards.
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Depending on how much time you have available, it might be worth going through them to look for any valuable cards, e.g. rookie cards of later all-stars.

If you haven't seen it, look at this previous question.
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I would find the players I did not like and draw mustaches on them. THen I would try to sell them as a single lot for a little.
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I took mine to Goodwill and took the tax deduction.
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I was in a similar situation (garbage pail kids, lots of baseball cards e-bay laughed at valuations). I gave mine to my kids to play with. They were thrilled to have trading cards.
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When I coached Little League I gave out cards to the kids at the end of every practice. I would have needed to coach 500 seasons to make a serious dent on my card collection though. The kids loved the cards, the parents got irritated that I got their kids interested in baseball cards. Double Win!

Seriously, what kind of parent gets pissed that their kid is getting more interested in baseball?
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