What do you call this style of contemporary architecture?
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This house was once a very nondescript ranch until it received this facade. I'm asking especially about the style of the "fence": The fence is purely cosmetic, as it is about 3 feet from the house and serves no purpose other than to look cool. I've seen this style that uses these horizontal lines, accent lighting, dark natural woods, oversized windows, and is very clean and geometric, though it is very rare where I live. House in question here.
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Just to clarify: I'm not asking about the original architecture of the house as it was built, but rather the name of the style referenced by it updated facade.
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I'm going to go with slatted timber facade.
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It reminds me of Eichler Style (google image search).
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That would be a slat fence. I've no idea if there is a name for a style combining the slat fence and stone facade.
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Architecturally it could be called a modified Brise soleil. A structure designed to cut sun exposure by half.
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here in nyc we'd call that a horizontal fence (because of the orientation of the slats).

theyre quite popular
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Mid Century Modern, maybe.
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I don't agree that the fence is purely decorative. There are probably bedroom windows behind the fence, and the fence is intended to block the view into the windows, while adding a decorative touch. So...Decorative Security?
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The fence might also help keep the house cool, if it catches the sun before it hits the side of the house.
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Following in thorzdad'd direction, I would have called that a privacy fence. Apparently the "style" of the fence is "horizontal".
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It has a Japanese quality. That fence does allow for uncurtained windows in daytime, by giving drive by privacy. If that fence cups the corners too, then windows can more safely, stay open at night.
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That is a horizontal screen - either for privacy or sun. In Southern California these are common to protect the West and sometimes South sides of the house. What you have there is a mix of design and function. The sun protection might have been the driving factor, but they integrated it into an overall design.

Also, there is a ghost in the big picture window.
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