Did someone just try to Blair Witch my Toyota?
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Sometime in the past three months, someone tied a six inch length of twine (with an acorn hot-glued to one end) to the undercarriage of my car. Trying to figure out why -- pictures inside.

It couldn't have been there in June as that's the last time I had my tires rotated and I imagine the mechanic would have said something if he'd seen it dangling.

Here is a photo of the talisman-thing dangling under my car, before I cut it off. The wheel in the background is the left rear tire of my car.

Here is a photo of it after I cut it off. You'll note that the acorn is attached via a glob of hot glue.

It is definitely noticeable if you're standing behind the car, but not if you're distracted.

There's no way this was a natural incident. The knot was well-tied and the dangling end was cut with scissors. Plus -- the hot glue-gunned acorn.

I never park my car outside overnight (it's parked in a locked, private garage.) I only drive it a few times a month. I don't have any enemies as I'm new in town. But the only explanation I can think of is that someone was trying to attract squirrels to eat my car's wiring? Or something? I feel like there are a lot of more efficient ways to mess up a stranger's car.

Maybe someone out there knows what this is all about. Thanks!
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It could be something a kid made at school/camp and then just randomly decided to tie to your car. I remember doing silly things like that as a kid.
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Response by poster: Maybe... but they'd have had to crawl underneath my car to attach it. Seems a little extreme since it's not something that is very easily noticeable or decorative...
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not noticeable, maybe, but tying a weird thing in a hidden place is the kind of thing I might have done as a kid. Maybe I'm a weirdo. They might have been playing around/hiding under your car, too.
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Is there someone in your life who has access to your car and would find truck nutz (maybe NSFW?) funny? This struck me as a DIY automotive joke.
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Response by poster: Much as I love the idea of a crafty DIY nutz-fan, there isn't anyone in my life who fits that description... and even then -- wouldn't there be TWO acorns dangling?
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Looks like it was designed to drag along the ground, perhaps to make noise and annoy you or cause you to wonder what is wrong with your car, but it somehow got flipped over that steel bar and so just dangled there. Seems like just a prank, most likely by kids. I suppose someone dragging an acorn around behind their car is sort of funny if you imagine it form the perspective of a ten-year-old.
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Response by poster: I just wondered if it was something specific, and if so, I figured someone on ask.me would let me know. If it's a kid's thing, it's a kid's thing.
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So, let's assume it was there on purpose. Acorns have some symbolism in things like wicca, santeria, and general superstition (to be clear, I am not an expert, this is just from googling- maybe someone else will answer who knows more). They all seem pretty positive- nothing too Blair Witchy. If someone other than a child tied it on your car, they most likely have your best interests at heart (unless you jilted someone?).

An acorn carried on one’s person counteracts loneliness, illness, and pain, aids longevity, brings luck, and preserves youthfulness. Acorns will increase fertility, whether this be in matters if the mind and ideas or in reproductive matters. Acorns are often a talisman against lighting, especially when kept on a windowsill.

An acorn, along with a spell/prayer to St. Joseph can protect your home.

Carrying an acorn in your pocket will bring you good luck.

An acorn symbolizes the Lord/Great Father, wisdom, protection, transformation, courage...

An acorn could make a jilted lover repent and return to their jilted companion.
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If it's wicca, it's probably not a curse. I think it's a really bad attempt at car nuts.
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"Acorn of far travel" seems to be a druid or ranger spell in D&D 3.5? If you happen to drive a Ford Ranger, perhaps a D&D friend was helping your truck cast a fuel efficiency spell?
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wouldn't there be TWO acorns dangling?

One fell off. Or it's commentary on your car.
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Seems like maybe a really dumb prank, like someone envisioned you might hear the noise from the acorn and wonder what it was. Kind of like when kids would unscrew the salt lids -- they wouldn't be around to see the reaction, they were just dumb assholes. Google provides no further insight that I can find.

That said, I do find it odd. Where do you think this might've happened? When did you first notice it? I'd be checking my car everytime I took it out.
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Response by poster: First noticed it yesterday, when I was taking something out of my trunk. And the thing is, a dragging acorn doesn't make enough of a sound to be heard over the engine noise. If someone wanted to attach something that made noise, wouldn't they tie something metal to the twine, rather than going through the hassle of firmly glueing an acorn to a piece of string? It's a brain twister.
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I would vote for "bored kid."
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There is an unbalanced lady in my neighborhood who gets mad at people and calls them a "peanut." Then later they creepily find a single peanut on their car hood, outside their front door, etc. Maybe this is from a similarly unbalanced person? Or maybe the type of symbolic thing Secretariat suggested. It seems pretty esoteric for a bored kid.
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My vote is for a shoddy replica of Truck Nuts.
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...Acorns will increase fertility, whether this be in matters if the mind and ideas or in reproductive matters. ...

This is what crossed my mind when I first read your question -- that it was a fertility charm -- and that answer gives me the courage to say so.

There's an Appalachian folk tradition that no house without a wasp's nest in the eaves will host a successful pregnancy, presumably because of the resemblance in shape between such a nest and the uterus, and acorns have a similar shape as well.

Is there anyone in your life who might have the desire and the turn of mind to resort to such means to try to help you conceive?
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After looking at the photo I do think the knot could be accidental. Speed mixed with wind mixed with string could create a knot that looks intentional. I know a lot of string-shaped things in my life get tied up in unintended knots, from necklaces to shoelaces to kid hair, knots that would inspire jealousy in a sailor.
Another possible accidental interpretation: this is not an unmistakably unique car -- it is a Toyota, not, say, a 1962 mauve Citroen -- in other words it is completely possible that someone who wanted to give a fertility or good luck boost to a fellow acorn-believer saw the Toyota and thought it was the identical or similar car of their intended receiver of magic.
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I'm not convinced it got there recently. You would think the tire person would have said something, but they're rotating tires all day, they might not have noticed.

Did you buy your car used? Someone could have used that spot under the car to tie something down with twine. I can't explain the hot glued acorn, but weird shit happens. Then it could have been cut off and left there ever since.
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Prank..and, a pretty good one at that....
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I do not think it is a kid thing. I also do not think it is malicious or meant as harm. While I do think it was intentionally tied there, I could also be persuaded it is accidental. I do not think it is a car-nutz type of joke either. To me, it is just one of those mysteries like how did the sneakers get tossed over the wire in some random area.
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Best answer: Someone's just trying to drive you nuts.
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Do you take Ambien?

Do you own a hot glue gun?
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Response by poster: I am giving up hope of ever figuring this out, and instead awarding best answer to the best pun of the evening. :-)
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I wonder if there could have been more to it, which fell off. Like a long string of acorns?
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Or a particularly annoyed squirrel?
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I can't guess any better guesses for the knot part of things, but it's possible that the acorn + twine came off of another larger decorative crafty item, like a wreath or something. I wouldn't guess that someone took the trouble to attach the acorn to the twine just for this purpose.
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