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I'm going to Savannah, GA this weekend; so what should I see (and what should I avoid?)
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Go to the beach at Tybee, also check out the Skidaway Island state park. Downtown is wonderful, we did one of those carriage rides and had a great time. I used to live on Washington square...the squares and cemeteries are always a highlight...
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Prepare to walk, a lot. Seriously. It is one of the best american cities for walking. Even in the winter. Lots of squares, old houses on old streets, antique stores, Art galleries, Touristy shops along the riverfront (including a candy factory where you can often catch them making taffy or some other such sugary treat). A handful of great bars/pubs, some of which have live music, particularly on the weekends.

The riverfront can be crowded/annoying/touristy in the summer, but I think it shouldn't be too bad in the winter.

There used to be a creativeloafing savannah, but alas no more. Have fun!

User: Still lives there, I think.
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Every time I go to Savannah I get crapped on by a pigeon. Hopefully YMMV. But just to be safe, avoid the pigeons.
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Tybee. It'll be cold, but it's worth it to watch sunrise over the Atlantic, then head to the Breakfast Club for waffles.
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River Street, though it's kind of an obvious choice, is definitely a must and a great place to spend the bulk of your time. A little bit off the river is a nice area that seems to be being revitalized right now, with a lot of new-ish restaurants and such -- including one owned by the Food Network's Paula Deen.

If you're the cemetery-visiting type, Bonaventure is a great place to go. There's also an abundance of ghost tours and the like at night. And if you're into old military stuff, Fort Pulaski's interesting and one of my mom's favorite places to visit.

That's what comes to mind right off-hand. I'll post back if I think of anything else. It's funny you should ask this now -- I just passed up the chance to go to Savannah last weekend and (especially after reading this thread) kind of wish I'd gone.
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Savannah resident here. What do you like to do?

Pick up a copy of Connect Savannah, the local A & E paper, which has forums . We (yeah, I work there) also have the Best of Savannah site, also, where the locals voted on the Best od various things.

There's also the local daily paper, Savannah morning news, which has a an entertainment section.

Check out the Telfair Museum of Art.

Visit the Mighty Eight Air Force Museum.

Grab a burger at B&D Burgers. They're some of the best burgers I've ever had.

Sushi Zen is popular for sushi, but I prefer Sushi Time Towa on the Southside because it's just as good, but cheaper. But it's harder to get to.

Lady & Sons does nice southern food.

Crystal Beer Parlor is a personal favorite for Southern style food, that isn't stuffed with tourists. Try the Brunswick stew, yum!

Check out River Street also.

There's a TON of tours, from historical to ghost, to riverboat trips.

Visit Fort Pulaski and/or Fort Jackson. Pulaski's better. Both are on the road out to Tybee Island, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Oatland Island is an small outdoor zoo. Open Saturday only. Highly recommended.

City Market (and River street) has plenty of tourist shops to browse around in. DO go to A.T. Hun art gallery for neat stuff.

If you want music/clubs, check out, where local musicians hang out and tell when they're playing. There's also Connect Savannah's "Connect Recommends" which will be in posted on our website (see link at top of page) Wednesday, where our local music editor (who plays in the local scene) recommends the best gigs to see for the weekend.
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I've lived there for ten years.

Go see:
Ms. Wilkes restaurant (Jones Street)
Fort Pulaski
Tybee Island lighthouse
Savannah Wildlife Refuge (it's in South Carolina, surprisingly)
Vinnie Van Go-Go's Pizzaria (City Market)
Oatland Island Educational Center
Crystal Beer Parlor
Savannah Candy Kitchen (City Market), used to work there myself back in the day
River Street at night, it's quite gorgeous

Tours. A lot of the shops, if you indeed have an interest, offer tapes or CDs to take your own tour. A lot more fun that way.
The clubs on Bay Street. I never liked them, personally, but they may be your scene.

Also look at:
Hilton Head's right up the road, it's a really cute area (and has a lot of golf, if that's your thing)

Are you going alone? With a spouse? Kids?
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Also: Watch out for the squares. I can't count how many near-accidents I've had with people from out of town. Rule of thumb is that you yield on your way into a square.
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Read this book on the plane trip there.
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I vacationed at Hilton Head this summer and it was fabulous. We went into Savannah for a day and did the cheesy tour. If you wanna get the quick overview, the bus tour is really pretty good but will take most of a day.
The buses run to various stops and drop you off, and you just jump on the next one when it comes along. If you decide you've had enough, you can just stay on until you get to where you started.

If you like to explore on your own, this isn't too great, but if you want to survey Savannah in a day, then maybe go see some of the best stuff over the rest of the weekend, it will work well for you.
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oops wrong thread...but by the way a good place to go in Savvanah is Paula Deans sure to ask for Paula's Butt Rub spice...its great on everything.
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The Morrocan restaurant a block or two back from the river is fun, but kind of touristy. This time of year, it's likely to be too cold for the riverboat ride even if you don't have the pleasure of sharing it with 200 prom or college-age-equivalent revelers. And about that block or two: if your feet aren't wet and you could swing a dead cat without hitting a bar, keep walking toward the water, because you've missed the part you've heard about but evidently haven't seen yet.
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Might look through this post, too.
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