Identifing relgious icons?
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Looking for help identifying some symbols

Looking for answers to what the iconography is for the possible religious icons for this pic which popped up in my facebook feed. I've tried googling them with descriptions, but am finding an almost complete lack of matching results for what should be relatively easy to find based on how precise some of the search terms would be. "circle with a 7", "cross 440", etc.

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Is United in Peace, inc (the Urban Translators) related to this image?


Looks like their logo was designed by Ant Mound consulting.
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Star of David B D = black disciples according to Google.
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As mentioned above the symbols are a mixture of religious and fraternal. The circle 7 is probably a reference to the Moorish Science Temple of America - specifically the Circle 7.

But really, all of the sites I found referencing it seem shady or amateurish - nothing that denotes a really clear answer, and I drew a complete blank with the + 440.

I hope someone else knows as I find this weirdly fascinating.
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The 7 in a circle is an element of (but is not the entirety of) the Five Percenters emblem.
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I tried calling the United in Peace phone number, but it is disconnected. They have the same iconography on their face book page. I am really starting to wonder if this is some lovely level of high level Discordianism or Subgenius stuff. Even if it is, I would still like to know which symbols actually have meaning and which are just made up.
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"The Uraeus is the serpent emblem found in Egyptian portrayals of Royalty and Deity." (Just a guess.)
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On some cursory noodling around on google, I believe these to be gang signs rather than religious signs.
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Maybe also of note is that the six-pointed Star of David is prominent in the iconography of the Folk Nation alliance of gangs while the five-pointed star is a part of the symbology of their rival People Nation, which might explain why these are the top two signs in that image.
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Gang symbols makes sense -- "Six Pointed Star and Colors Meaning The Black Disciples’ symbol is the star of King David which has 6 points, and every point on the star has its own meaning; Love, Live, Loyalty, Unity, Knowledge, and Understanding."
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440. Cobras.

This is a fascinating rabbit hole, and I regret that I have to pack it in for the evening. I'd suggest a good look at to see what else pops. Good luck!
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Note also the red and blue on the wrists, signifying blood or crip affiliation.
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According to Wikipedia, the People Nation-affiliated Almighty Vice Lords use the top hat and cane, crescent moon, and pyramid in their various iconography, accounting for 3 out of the ten symbols inside the "United in Peace" circle.
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A-ha! 1992: "Those who helped forge a truce among 12 major black street gangs say their pact is responsible for the relative peace, and they want credit for it. They have demanded to meet with the mayor, enlisted the support of community leaders and even printed up buttons promoting the truce that read``United in Peace`` surrounded by gang symbols."

Good night! (For real.)
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metafilter hivemind, you never stop amazing me at your ability to figure things out. spot on!!
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