Best sites for news of the weird/occult/bizarre?
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What sites do you visit to find news of the weird? Huffington Post's Weird section is kind of bland - I'd like something that covers bizarre crimes, fortean news, unusual findings in science, conspiracy theory related stories, and news of the occult.
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I mainly follow their podcast, but Mysterious Universe seems good for this.
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Best answer: News of the Weird
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Coasttocoastam.Com. George Nouri has some stuff you might like on and links to many of his guests websites.
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Best answer: Dangerous Minds scratches that itch for me.
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I second Daily Grail. An interesting mix of space, supernatural, and archaeology - from around the globe, too, which is nice.
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oops, meant to include fortean news in there
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The Fortean Times has a blog but the actual print magazine is incredibly informative and entertaining.

Atlas Obscura is a great too, but some of the stuff the cover is more on the plain old interesting trivia side than the dark and bizarre side.
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