Lexapro + Increased Flatulence
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Lexapro has me farting all day long. I did not have this problem prior to starting the medication. Help!

I'm taking 20 mg/day. First I thought it was a side effect that would eventually go away, but it's been 5 months at this point.

I have a reasonable, healthy diet.
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If you have lactose intolerance you might be reacting to lactose in the pill - I think some brands have lactose coatings and some don't. Might be worth asking your pharmacist.
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This is a well-known ("less common" but not "rare" side-effect). You can take whatever steps you might take to reduce flatulence that you would take if it wasn't drug-induced: eating lots of vegetables and fruits and other fiber-rich foods, getting more exercise, avoiding gas producing foods, avoiding late night heavy meals, and taking in more water could all be helpful. If it's a serious problem, tell your doctor, there may be some medicinal route too.
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This happened to me! I started drinking more water and eating more fiber.
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Increased digestive tract activity seems to be a fairly commonly reported side effect of the SSRIs. When my doctor had me on the generic version of Zoloft, I felt like I was farting like I was personally solving a gas shortage. I also felt chained to the toilet and had diarrhea all the time. I spoke to my doctor about it, and she switched me to a different medication, on which I didn't have such problems. If it matters, I was switched to an SNRI versus an SSRI.

If the increased flatulence bothers you, talk to your doctor and see if you can switch to a different medication.
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I have no experience with Lexapro but in response to people that say eat more fiber-rich food, fiber is known to increase gas. YMMV but something to keep in mind if you're going to start experimenting with your diet.
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Every time this happens to me with a new medication it is because of allegedly trace amounts of lactose used as filler. However I assume you would know by now if you were extremely lactose intolerant?
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