Podcasts on addiction and substance abuse? (Series or single episodes)
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I listened to the two episodes of You Made It Weird where Harris Wittels talked about his experiences with drugs, heroin, and rehab. What other nonfiction podcasts are like this?

I'm looking for nonfiction podcast series or single episodes that talk about substance abuse and addiction. I'm especially interested in personal experiences, whether that's the people with these issues themselves or others (family, doctors, etc.).

OK if the topic does not involve substances and is more of a behavior than a physical addiction (e.g., gambling, compulsive shopping, sex, etc.). Thanks!
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The Mental Illness Happy Hour.
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There are a few episodes of This is Actually Happening that talk about substance abuse in the form of an interviewer-less in-depth interview. Try episode #25 ("What if you rose from the ashes of addiction?") and episode #2 ("What if you were an alcoholic at age 9?"). I also want to say that episode #55 is about this phenomena as well but from the vague description I can't say for sure. There may be others, I think there's an episode on hoarding (and really, they're all pretty fascinating).
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Episode 1.5 and Episode 13 of the Dear Sugar podcast.
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New Books in Alcohol, Drugs and Intoxicants is academic in nature but there's a wide range of topics and guests, some of which are much more down to earth than others. I've enjoyed some episodes that have included at least a lot of anecdotes and stories instead of just theory or policy.
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Kinda the forerunner of a lot of these is Marc Marons WTF.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! These are great!
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