Any recovery options for data of deleted iPhone app?
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I accidentally deleted an iPhone app (Voice Recorder). Associated with the app were audio files that I didn't have anywhere else, some of which I'd be pretty bummed to lose. There are no phone backups. Is it possible that these files still exist on my phone, and with the right tools, one could recover them?

I don't love jailbreaking, but I've done it with some past iPhone models and will jump through those hoops or related hoops if necessary. Possibly willing to pay for expert help with recovery, too.
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Any app data in iCloud?
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If you have the whole app backed up to icloud then you *might* be lucky. You could do a full restore from icloud and keep your fingers crossed.

Other options are pretty unlikely. There are apps out there that might help, BUT these apps are frequently associated with dodgy internet scams, trojans and viruses. These sites pray on people like yourself who will do anything to retrieve lost data. Unless you know and can trust your sources 100% it is not advised to go googling for cure all apps.
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Did you check in iTunes? The stock "Voice Memos" app puts the recordings in your music library, maybe this one does the same.
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Contact the Developer and ask them where the audio was stored on the phone.
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Depending on your location and willingness to pay, Tekserve data recovery services might be in order. They've been around forever and I can personally attest that I was very happy with their services.
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After looking at the developer's website, I think it may be best to contact them. Here's what they write on their FAQ:
In the Settings page go to Wifi Sync or iTunes File Sharing sections and follow the instructions.
So if you didn't do that beforehand you may not be able to. However, if you download the app again, perhaps that data will still be available on the device?

Good luck.
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You could try iExplorer. I use it, as does my co-worker, so I can vouch that it does not do any damage to the data on the phone, and is not a jailbreak:
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