Accidental blog post + RSS feed = screwed?
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Rant posted on the wrong non-private blog. I deleted the post (which I now know was not good) from the app because my computer was too slow to do it there. I turned off my feed once I was on another computer. How screwed am I that all of the 18 people on my feed got an email about that?

I have two blogs. One for private rants and one not so much. I posted a rant on the NSM one and hit post. I realized the moment it posted that it went to the wrong one. I'm not sure how to recover the post and how to delete it from my feed. Any one know how this works?

Looking at my feed stats, not many people are reached by my feed but I don't want this sitting in an email somewhere.
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I'm mobile and my feed says my current feed content is a post I posted a week ago. Does that mean the other post didn't get added or is there a waiting period?
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A lot depends on what product you use for blogging. Some may post instantly to RSS and for others there may be a lag. RSS readers tend to poll a server after a set time period. If people are using RSS, their reader would have had to poll your feed at the exact right instant. On the other hand, if there is some notification setup where it sends an e-mail as soon as something is posted, chances are good that the e-mail was sent.

If you have Google Analytics installed, you might be able to look at traffic to your RSS feed at the time you posted the rant. If there was absolutely zero traffic and there's no notification system, you're probably in the clear.

I'm also assuming that your blogging system syncs with your RSS feed, in that a removed post on the blog is also removed from RSS.
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Thanks. it's blogger and feedburner. I'll look back through it to analyze it but so far the post itself isn't showing up there or anywhere. I did get the post back and it's not as bad as I remember. Whiny but not bad! I'm just too private for that to be out.
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I used to use RSS to do follow a blog that deleted a lot of stuff a few hours after posting, in an effort to make it less googlible. I got very frustrated because it never showed up on my reader.
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That actually makes me feel better, lollusc. I can't remember if having it sent to email is an option on my feed (never set it up that way) so my concern lingers but it hasn't popped up anywhere so that's good.
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