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My name is A R N I E. However, when typed on a computer it often looks like Arnie and lately a LOT of people are having trouble, thinking it's A M I E I use Gmail primarily and with that comes a limited selection of fonts, but how can I format my name so that it comes through clearly but still be unobtrusive as a signature?
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Best answer: Gmail has a fixed width font that makes it look a little clearer. Alternately, I don't think it would be too obnoxious to sign in all-caps. Or how about signing off with Arnold (Arnie)?
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I think fixed width is the best bet. Italics helps a bit too - the gmail "serif" font also works well in italics because it makes the edge of the "r" distinct. I would use one of those in a large size as your signature.
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Best answer: I'd just go with the simplest solution: sign your emails ARNIE. That works in every font/situation.
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The best way I've seen people address this in signatures is to add a line that's somewhat jokey about it...

"Sincerely Arnie C"
(Arnie rhymes with blarney / Arnie like the governor)

It shows that you're not going to be too flexed if people accidentally get it wrong, and provides an easy answer for people who are sitting there worried they're about to get it wrong.
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Best answer: I think there is an all-caps solution that can work with you. If you are averse to signing ARNIE, maybe you can sign it Arnie, but follow that with a signature block in caps that clarifies things:

Best Regards,

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Assuming Arnie is short for Arnold, you could always sign it

Arnold (Arnie) McLastname
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I'd use all caps. I like the Arnie (like the _____) or Arnole (Arnie) Lastname approach.

Amie means friend in French. Maybe you strike them as friendly and this reinforces it.
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Assuming you are male, sign Mr. Arnie C.
Alternatively, I think all caps is fine.
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If you're averse to all caps because it looks like shouting, what about ARNIE?
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Arnie A𝐫nie A𝚛nie 𝙰𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚎 (using Unicode)
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I feared it was annoying to sign in all caps, but it is the best way so I've updated accordingly.

Thank you again!
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I would not rely on people seeing the formatting in your emails. There are still folks (like me!) who switch all formatting off in the display options of their email client (yes those still exist).

I'd go with either ARNIE or A r n i e .
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By the way, the issue you're trying to avoid is called keming.
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