Bars/music venues with acoustic pianos in the SF Bay Area
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What are the bars/live music venues in San Francisco and Oakland that have real, acoustic pianos on their stages?

The Riptide in San Francisco, which hosted a weekly open mic and had an upright piano, was destroyed in a fire last week (RIP). But if you knew it that's an example of what I'm looking for.
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You need the old-timey feel of Rod Dibble, who has played piano at The Alley on Grand in Oakland since 1960(!).
I heard recently The Alley was having some cash issues relating to an upgrade of the bar mandated by the health dept. So they could use the cash. You can sing around the piano, while Dibble tickles your favorite tune...
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Seconding the Alley. There are other places with pianos but nowhere with the soul. Also their steak sandwich is great.
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Pretty sure you want Martuni's.
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Seconding Martuni's. Club Deluxe has an upright, and live music almost every night. The bands don't always use the piano, though. You can see Kitten on the Keys and other guests play the piano at Madrone on Divis several nights a week.
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The Rite Spot on 17th/Folsom in SF has a piano, but no stage.
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Martuni's is right out. Last time I was there, a year ago, I was excited to hear a grand piano only to realize they have a digital piano in a grand piano "case". Besides, I don't like the people who run that place.
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Lefty O'Douls in SF has a grand(?) piano and some nights has someone playing it. Caffe Mediterraneum on Telegraph in Berkeley has an upright, but I don't know who is allowed to play it. Merchant's Saloon in Oakland might have an upright as well, but it's Merchant's so I can't say for sure.
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