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Where do you read novellas, novelettes and short stories in science fiction? Whom do you suggest? During the golden age of sf I relied on Analog/Astounding, but after all the recent Hugo drama I have realized that I barely keep up with the new novels. Looking back at the titles that won Hugos and Nebulas, I realized how many of the shorter pieces I truly loved and I feel the need to get to know the youngish writers. Tell me whom I should read and where I'll find that author.
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I asked a related question on Twitter in May, and here are the answers.
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Gardner Dozois' annuals are a good place to start, although his taste does run very strongly to post-apocalyptic fiction.
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Best answer: Some excellent free-to-read online SFF magazines, non-exhaustive:
Strange Horizons
Beneath Ceaseless Skies (fantasy)

Some excellent currently-publishing SFF short story authors, also non-exhaustive:
Yoon Ha Lee
Aliette de Bodard
Seth Dickinson
Marissa Lingen
Ellen Kushner (mostly known for starting the fantasy-of-manner subgenre, she also writes short stories but doesn't publish frequently)
Ted Chiang (doesn't appear to have a personal website that I can find, but here's a third-party bibliography with links)
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Best answer: I posted this list in April (mostly pared down from other lists linked there too) and a few more things in May that I found via @SFFMicroReviews and Karen Burnham's tumblr. Lady Business has been running polls of current favorites and sharing a Google Docs spreadsheet of more.
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Best answer: check out john joseph adams. he does a lot of anthologies and i have really enjoyed all of them that i've read. i especially liked wastelands and the three the end is... anthologies. oooh, seeds of change was good too and is only 3.99 on kindle right now.
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Best answer: This site lists SF award nominees and where they're available online. I recommend Grand Jeté by Rachel Swirsky from the 2014 Nebula ballot.
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Best answer: Other online sources are, 365tomorrows, and Terraform.
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Best answer: For scifi and speculative flash fiction, I like Cease, Cows.
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Response by poster: Thanks, a lot of interesting suggestions.
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Agree with pretty much all of the above mentions.

A few magazines I'd add:
Daily Science Fiction

These publish both science fiction and fantasy. If you need recommendations for strictly fantasy, let me know!
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Also Uncanny Magazine! They just completed their second year kickstarter, and have been publishing some really wonderful stuff.
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