I need help locating a screen grab/shot from the West Wing.
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I need help locating a screen grab/shot from the West Wing. I'm looking for any shot in which Bartlet is slamming something on his desk - books, papers etc... These scenes usually take place when Jed is mighty angry. I want to incorporate the picture into an Xmas present for my boyfriend.
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Your best bet may be to look around on various torrent sites and search for the episode, download it, and take your own screen shot.

Of course, Ask MeFi is full of awesome, resourceful people, so someone may end up responding with the actual screen shot, but I know you can download it yourself (google for "bittorrent client" if you don't have one already) pretty easily.

To take the screen grab, just pause the movie where you want to take a screen shot, hit the "print screen" key on your keyboard, and then go into a program like Photoshop (or MS Paint is sufficient), and paste (edit -> paste, or ctrl-v) it in.

[Hitting print screen copies the contents of the screen to your "clipboard", where you can then paste it into anything]
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there are more here.
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Response by poster: Awesome screencap archive deafweatherman. Now I just have to find out what episode he had a tantrum in.
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The West Wing Episode guide might help here. Googling "tantrum" "jed" and "west wing" turns up too much slash fiction for me to dive in to, not knowing the show well.
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Let's see... there are several memorable temper explosions on the part of Josiah Bartlett.

Season 1, Episode 18; "Six Meetings Before Lunch". In the last twenty minutes, CJ has to tell Bartlet that a reporter asked his daugther Zoey a question; an absolute no-no in his administration. Bartlet wants to head straight for the press room and bitch slap the press corps, but CJ talks him down.

Season 1, Episode 3; "A Proportional Response". I can't remember a specific tantrum scene, but he's incredibly pissed off throughout the episode, yelling at anyone who crosses his path. At the end, before Bartlet can sit down for a live TV broadcast, Leo has to calm him down lest he unleash his wrath on the general public.

Season 3, Episode 12 (I think); "The Two Bartlets". Near the end of the episode, Toby and the president have it out over the latter pulling his punches. He gets so pissed off, he doesn't sleep for five nights.

I know there are plenty of others, but those spring to mind immediately. I'll post again if I can come up with any more.

(And yes, I'm something of a West Wing fanatic. Wanna make something of it?)
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Response by poster: Thanks Clay201. There's one in particular where he picks up a book and slams it on his desk. Alas, my boyfriend would know the episode title. Perhaps I'll slyly try to find out while talking about last nights ep.
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I did think of another one, actually.

Season 1, Episode 16; "20 Hours in L.A.". During Bartlet's conversation with the movie producer, he gets pretty damn loud.
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I'm not certain this is the info you want, but from the other actor's hair, I'm guessing deafweatherman's vid cap is from episode 215, "Ellie." The President gets pretty cranky with his middle daughter in that ep, as I recall.
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Season 1, Episode 6; "Mr. Willis of Ohio." In this one, he yells at Zoey for not taking her secret service protection more seriously.

Season 1, Episode 17; "The White House Pro-Am". Verbal fisticuffs twixt Jed and Abby.

Season 1, Episode 18; "Let Bartlet be Bartlet". In the last five or ten minutes, Leo and the president have it out in the oval office.

Season 2, Episode 12; "The Drop-In". I'm less certain about this one. I think there's a Toby-Bartlet confrontation at the end, but I may be wrong.

If I had to bet money, I'd say that the book slamming thing was in "A Proportional Response" but I'm really not sure.

And mojohand is right about Ellie, of course. I knew I was missing one.
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According to this screenplay for episode 2.18 Seventeen People at one stage "Bartlet slams his notebook on the desk".
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Freaky. I am watching WW Season 4 episode 9, 'Swiss Diplomacy' while I am reading this thread. Bartlet's just slammed a folder on the table and storms out during a conversation with CJ who tells him the ayatollah's condemned the fact that his son will have surgery in the USA.

That ok for you?
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Response by poster: Yay prolific! I'm off to Swiss Diplomacy!
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