How to show all open programs in one window in Win 7 and Google Chrome
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I want to know how to show small windows of each of my open programs on my screen

Running Win 7, professional edition and latest version of Google Chrome.

I accidentally hit some key combination and ended up seeing all my open programs displayed on my screen. Each open program page was shown in minature (wish I knew how to attach a screenshot here, but I don't). If I hit on a program, it maximized; when I minimized it, it went back to being a minature on the screen, with the other open programs.

This is a great facility and I would like to know how to do it intentionally. Can anyone help.
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Is it possible that you hit Ctrl + Alt + Tab, as described in the tip here?
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Or Win + Tab or Alt + Tab as described here.
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Do you mean the thing that happens when you hold Windows Key and hit Tab? You can scroll through your open windows/desktop with each hit of Tab, and when you let go of both keys you'll recfocus on the window that was at the front.
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Right click on the taskbar and choose "Show windows side by side."
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In Windows 10, its called "task view" and shows all open programs side by side. Windows 7 has something called "Windows Flip 3D" which shows them staggered over one another. The commands are, according to Wikipedia: (The keyboard shortcuts are ⊞ Win+Tab ↹, which makes Flip 3D disappear after releasing, Ctrl+⊞ Win+Tab ↹, which keeps Flip 3D visible after releasing, and ⇧ Shift+⊞ Win+Tab ↹ to flip through open windows backwards).[7] The window buttons on the taskbar show a thumbnail image of the window, when the mouse hovers over the button.
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Thanks to all; Thatwhichfalls nailed it and it gave me exactly what I wanted.
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