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I once was given an album called Speakeasy Collective, here. I can't find more.

Some fairly long time ago, I was given an album called Speakeasy Collective, here.

Today I can't find most of the artists anywhere, and I can't find similar music, or even know what style or genre to search for.

Searching for "Acid Jazz" brings up a whole lot of instrumental music, without the beat poetry, or otherwise things that are really jazz. Searching for "Rare Groves" brings up again jazz -instrumental or otherwise - and lounge music.

Neither of these really capture what I'm looking for.

The only thing I have been able to find is a youtube or two for "Funky Maiden"[SLYT]
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well, acid jazz is the right term. not sure why you're finding beat poetry.

us3 are perhaps the most famous? this is their big hit. also jazzanova. more commercially, st germain, maybe suba. i need to work but i can post more later. the difficult bit is finding things that match the sample you give, which is pretty simple / old fashioned (my term, not sure how to describe it).
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Brand New Heavies?
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Maybe the albums Blue Note Revisted/Blue Note Remix Project? Thievery Corporation?
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Response by poster: When looking for acid jazz, I'm not finding beat poetry. I'm finding instrumental music *without* beat poetry. Or otherwise things that sound like regular jazz to me. It's the total experience I'm looking for - music and lyrics. Maybe I'm just missing the mark on my samples as I jump through rather than listening to an entire song.

I'm sure it's a bit old fashioned - it's by no means a *new* album. The particular track I posted a video for may be simpler than the rest of them - at least by modern standards. The AllMusic link has the full record.

us3 is good. I'll dig into their stuff.

I'm probably being over fussy about the lines between jazz, acid jazz, and soul/r&b. So forgive me if I'm seeming pretentious or dismissive.
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Best answer: corduroy
soil & pimp sessions
kyoto jazz massive
nuspirit helsinki

the difference between these and jazz is that these are simpler, more repetitive (jazz is "complicated"). the trouble is that the "acid jazz" movement is basically "dance music + jazz sound" and so covers a wide range. what i think you're looking for is the more sampled / jazzy end. anyway, try clicking through a few of the playlists above and see if anything grabs you.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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You might dig Ursula Rucker, and some of the more Native Tongues/Good Life/backpack end of rap. Guru's Jazzmatazz projects and Freestyle Fellowship, and the Beneath the Surface compilation, might be good starting points.
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Response by poster: Before I mark this complete or whatever, an interesting note.

I recently started a Pandora channel based on the works of Kate Tempest, and I got a *lot* of really interesting "things like the acid jazz" I was looking for.
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