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Your travel tips for first-time visitors to Dallas-Fort Worth, Shreveport & Texarkana.

My partner and I will be in Dallas-Fort Worth, Shreveport, and Texarkana for six days after Christmas this year. We were able to find cheap flights and have heard great things about the area but aren't sure where to start. What do you recommend?

We'd appreciate your suggestions for neighborhoods, hotels, museums, restaurants, and more. We're doing our research but know MeFites have some of the best advice!
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Best answer: The Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculptire Museum, and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth are all great. The Sixth Floor Museum is nicely done but quite emotional. Some good restaurants in Dallas are Cafe Brazil, Mia's, Taco Diner, and Blue Mesa.
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What do you like to do?
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Response by poster: neushoorn: Those sound perfect, thank you!

Lyn Never: Art museums and historical sites; places and things related Latino/ Hispanic/ Mexican/ Tejano culture; German-Texan heritage is also an interest if less of a priority; places to run, walk or hike; small shops that are creative but not necessarily hipster; coffee bars & eateries that are moderately priced, interesting and authentic; hotels that are central and maybe $75-100/night, if that's realistic; independent music venues plus theater and film. We're willing to rent a car the entire time but would ideally stick to public transportation in Dallas, if that's possible. We also love to meet and converse with friendly people of all ages and backgrounds; we enjoy small towns and rural areas as much as big cities. In other words, we really are open to everything!

(In case anyone read my post from last week, we still plan to visit NC & SC but on two shorter trips earlier this fall and then during the summer. So much great stuff to do!)
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Best answer: If you're in Fort Worth, the Kimbell Art Museum is wonderful, and the special exhibitions are well worth it. Bear in mind that you can count on a solid hour commuting between Dallas and Fort Worth due to frequent traffic problems, so don't plan to do both cities the same day. Research the Dallas Arts District downtown, as there are several good museums within walking distance of another.
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Best answer: If you're up for a drive into the Ouachitas, head up to Hot Springs, Arkansas and book yourself some spa time. The Arlington is big and can have cheap deals that time of year, for instance.
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Best answer: In Dallas, you might like the Bishop Arts District - nice little area with cute shops and restaurants. White Rock Lake and the Dallas Arboretum are both great outdoor places to walk around, but I'm not sure what the arboretum is like in winter. The Katy Trial is another great place for a walk or run - there is a beer garden called the Katy Trial Ice House that you can stop at for a drink right along the trail. Dallas loves to eat out and it seems like there are great places in every neighborhood. Some of my favorites were Buzzbrew, Company Cafe, and Max's Wine Dive.
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Best answer: Since you asked for travel tips, I'll just take this opportunity to remind you that we DO have winter in north Texas. This last year saw schools all across DFW closed for days, and lest you think, "Oh, they just don't know how to drive in snow," look up Icemageddon 2013. Then again, it could be 85 degrees.
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