Create a bootable USB repair stick?
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Fixing a computer for a church friend. I'd like to easily create a bootable usb stick from my other computers... windows and mac... but everything I've read makes it seem like a daunting process. Is there a utility out there to easily burn a rescue usb stick ? thanks.
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For Mac OSX you can use DiskmakerX

If you want a fully operational bootable back-up you can either use Disk Utility or SuperDuper. Only problem is the space needed on the USB stick...
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Unetbootin is your huckleberry.
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Diskwarrior will create a bootable troubleshooting USB stick for Macs.
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Seconding Unetbootin.
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you might need to modify the BIOS to boot to a USB drive
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I make bootable drives on Mac using Carbon Copy Cloner.
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Just used unetbootin. So far, so good. Thank you.
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