Where to find French fountain pens, blue cartriges, and eraser pens?
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..French pens.. Anyone know if there is a way to buy French school-type pens online? What I'm talking about are the fountain pens with the blue ink cartridges and the corresponding eraser pens.
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Count me in as someone who'd love the answer to this--I bought two cheap Waterman school pens for 8E each at Auchan in Paris. Love them to death, but can't find anything comparable in price and quality in the States. Where can I get more?
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I'm pretty sure I used to buy my stylo plumes at CVS
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I have had good luck buying from the Fountain Pen Hospital.
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This kind? Or this kind? eBay. School pens don't fit into the branding model for FPs in the US.
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I usually buy my German pens from Fahrney's, I'm sure they'll have something there you can use along those ines.
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German school-pens are easier to find in the US: Pendemonium has the Pelikano and Pelikano Jr.
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I totally miss the eraser pens!!
If you don't find any answer, email me (in profile) and I'll get my old host brother in Belgium to send you some.
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