Las Vegas, up close and personal
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(I am posting this for my daughter, and am sending the request as I received it from her, below. She is attending a training conference during the dates listed. She's 34, professional, and quite capable of finding her way around, although she will not be driving, so will need to use public transportation. She has never been to Vegas prior to this trip. She likes all kinds of music, art, cool neighborhoods..woman of eclectic tastes. Tell her what you love about the city!)

If you want to put your spiffy Metafilter thing to work on my behalf...can you find me cool things to do in Las Vegas during the week of Oct 18-23? I'm looking for "me" sorts of things, as I don't particularly like to drink or gamble, nor do I feel inclined to partake in all the usual Vegas-type attractions (meaning, I can probably live with myself if I don't see Celine Dion or the Blue Man Group).

For instance -- is there an arts district somewhere? Good local restaurants or coffee shops? Cool little thrifts or antique stores where stuff is affordable? I'm looking for that sort of thing.
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Best answer: You'll need some kind of transportation to get there as it's out in strip mall hell, but Amber Unicorn Books is a pretty neat used bookstore with a great cookbook selection. I can't tell from the street view if the awesome Persian restaurant next door is still there, but it was a great impulse meal for us.

As someone who isn't super into Vegas qua Vegas, I'm not sure if she would love the Neon Boneyard as much as I do, but history+bright lights big city was a pretty great combination for me.
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Best answer: I was going to suggest the Neon Boneyard too, and she might like the Downtown Container Park.
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Best answer: Pinball Hall of Fame!
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Best answer: The Bellagio's Arboretum is wonderful and free and additionally they have a Picasso in their gallery right now and their lobby's ceiling is covered in Chihuly flowers. Bellagio's water fountains outside also do routine show displays.

The Springs Preserve is also very lovely.
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Best answer: There is an arts district between the main part of the strip and downtown fremont st district - there's a bunch of public art, much of which looks like it's escaped from burning man. Downtown in general is getting pretty funky - I didn't have a chance to check it out last time I was there, but apparently the Gold Spike (of all places) has an allegedly good lounge and I've heard there are a couple of good coffee shops downtown for hanging out.

Bellagio is nice - if you can handle the smoke from the casino, there's a bar next to the lobby with a piano player during the afternoon. (or was last time i was there)
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Best answer: If she likes good Thai food, suggest Lotus of Siam, in a dumpy little strip mall. Probably the best restaurant in Vegas if your criterion is value for money. Not too far from the Strip but definitely an off-the-beaten-path option.
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Best answer: It would probably be helpful if we knew where she was staying. On the strip? (which part?) Downtown Vegas? Someplace else? Vegas is an international destination that caters to all sorts of people so there will be lots of things available that aren't drinking and gambling.

As a general suggestion, I wouldn't totally discount the spectacle of Vegas if you've never experienced it before. By no means would I suggest this isn't the only thing you ever do while there but just wandering around looking at people from all over the world navigating the absurd post modern architecture of the place can be a fun way to spend a few hours.
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Response by poster: She's staying near the MGM.
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