WordPress Instagram plugin that shows by hashtag AND location together?
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Do you know of a WordPress Instagram plugin that will allow me to show together in a single gallery all images that are tagged as a certain location OR that use a certain hashtag? To restate: it's all the images that are marked with a certain location, and all the images that are marked with a certain hashtag. I'm trying to avoid installing and testing dozens of plugins to see if any do this.
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The code for an "official" embed is pretty light on structured locale data. I looked at one of my own geotagged photos and the embed is like this: https://gist.github.com/artlung/bbaf8ac8c9efe023b36d -- it does not include the actual location (Rancho Bernardo Transit Station) in the code.

I use IFTTT to cross-post my photos to WordPress but the available fields don't include location.

Are you using the embed code or sharing directly to WordPress somehow? One way or another you need to get the photo into WordPress along the the data, then there's some possibilities. So, how do you get Instagram photos into WP?
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Response by poster: Artlung, thanks for the response, but we're going to use a plugin for this. That's how we get the photos into WordPress. It will be a galley of other people's photos either taken at a certain or using a certain hashtag.
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Okay Mo, does the plugin negate the question then? Or is more information needed?
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